The one sign that most people dread looking up at when searching for a job is the Job Centre sign…you walk in reluctantly into one of there many buildings with regret and hatred for yourself for having no choice in the matter. There’s always a security guard stood at the doorway looking bored and teenagers all over the place looking miserable, like the life had been sucked out of them because they’ve just discovered that you can’t just walk into a job and as for the people who work there….they would always look like they’d rather be elsewhere (who can blame them) and they think that you were the scum of the earth for not having a job already, your just there to collect Benefits and exploit the system in there eyes, your the worst of the worst and they would find any trick in the book to cut off your money, for example, people missing there weekly meeting because they were at an actual job interview, I THOUGHT THE WHOLE POINT WAS SO PEOPLE CAN GET A JOB!!! how is cutting off there Benefits fair if they are doing what you tell them to do? Apply for jobs is the whole point, how does cutting off benefits because they went to an interview rather then the stupid weekly meeting at the Job Centre make sense?? Stupid! I know people who have been on benefits because they couldn’t find a job in the town they lived in….they said it was hell in the Job Centre, they wouldn’t recommended it to anyone…so demeaning. It doesn’t all need to be doom and gloom, the job will be there…you just need to keep applying every day and hope for the best but alas, hope won’t pay your bills, that is if you can even afford to move out from your parents.

Although, don’t get me wrong…there are people that do exploit Benefits out there and they know they do…those who can’t be bothered to earn a living, I mean why should they right??? why shouldn’t these people earn a living like the rest of us??? I mean in my old home town, there was a whole street of people…all on benefits and they had more than 5 children each!!! And they always go on holiday at least 3 times a year and these were holidays abroad whereas I’m lucky to have 1 holiday a year!! And I work!! How’s that fair?? Why do hard working people not get that? Some do, those in very good paying jobs anyway but many don’t. Huge families going to Egypt and Tenerife just because they get benefits, I’ll remember that this winter when I have three jumpers on and a blanket to just keep warm! While they never worry about bills, I’m checking the plugs aren’t left on if not being used and not always having the heating on! I even check that my taps aren’t dripping!

Anyway, whether you’ve finished school, University or your unemployed then the chances are that you have been in one of these horrible Job Centre buildings, I have before to look about but fortunately for me, I didn’t need to sign onto there benefit system and go back weekly to proof that I was looking for work because against my better judgment, I applied for McDonalds and I got accepted there which was great because it was a job and it was bringing money in. Now I’m not being judgmental by looking down at a job at a place like this but when you’ve heard how people treat you as a person here, you get wary but that was not to be the case…at least not by the other workers there who were all really nice, hard working people, although I left after a few weeks for another job in a supermarket where I still am now and I enjoy it, even if you get the bad customer every now and then. McDonalds wasn’t bad…I just didn’t see it as a job I’d do for life…I’ll never make an employees time there bad because I know what it’s like to be behind that counter…the pressure from the customers to have there burgers be perfect or they’ll complain and throw there toys out of the pram, acting like babies because deep down, many are but most are nice, understanding people who understand human error.

Speaking before about University, if you’ve recently graduated or are going to soon…you’ll be leaving with a big debt on your shoulders and a massive hangover…congratulations and welcome to the real world. Many of you will move out with friends or lovers and not live with families anymore, it’s a big alteration in your life that we all go through at one point or another but the change can be severe in some, about one in five people will suffer from post university depression, not being able to accept that the best three years of their lives are over and that they now must work and earn a living to be able to afford heat, beer, electricity and Sky Sports! May man always have his weekend football!!

It’s hard to make a decent living in this day and age, with prices going up in everything from food to fuel and a growing population. While we hear on the news how the economy is getting better, that unemployment is falling but the reality of it is….even the most basic jobs like working in a supermarket or a factory are very hard to come by in this day and age, I once read an article where an Aldi store, thousands of people queued up to apply for jobs and only 40 were available…over a thousand people would have been turned down but the point is that SO many people applied in one day and queued up for it. When have you been to a new supermarket and seen a massive queue outside for people applying for jobs? ( link in description ) unbelievable really, it’s just the country we live in now, you can’t just walk into that nice job you’ve dreamt of without luck, dedication and talent to match it in this day and age. Maybe that’s why there are some that make that choice to not be bothered, although I’ll say again, it’s only a small minority that do…many don’t have a choice and it’s better than not having any money and starving out of stubbornness and pride but I digress, we are all different and we are all on this rollercoaster that we call life, it’s hard but doesn’t it feel good to earn money and feel like you have a place in the world?

I also found an article about a mum complaining about being forced to work because of the 23k benefits cap…no one forced you to have eight children and she’d still get benefits if she only worked 16 hours a week???

There’s a show dedicated to Benefits called Benefit Street and I’m like ‘Am I meant to feel sorry for these people?’ I’ve always earned my way in this life and I understand that in some cases, some people simply can’t do that, e.g. there disabled or have injuries that prevent them but there’s people who take the mickey and it’s disgusting! It just annoys me that there are people who work and earn a living to be able to pay bills, afford that special holiday and be able to feed there families and there are those who have it handed to them because….they can’t be bothered and then they complain because the government is cutting some benefits…they thought they were safe and set for life and don’t like it when reality comes knocking on there door…all I can say to those people is…I hope you know how to write a CV and prepare to say often ‘May I take your order?’

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