It’s not everyday you hear someone belittle another human being…for being happy but that’s just what happened to me today. I was minding my own business, helping someone out with there packing when she pointed out that I sounded really happy, well I was…it was a good day and I was enjoying life but she seemed to take offense to this, her voice sounded negative and distant, like I was her great enemy or something, it was bizarre but I ignored this and focused on my task so I could send her on her way and move on but then, she came out with this.

”Your too cheerful, do you ever get out?” she asked me?

Wait what, are you having a go at me for being cheerful and happy? are people who go out miserable in your eyes?! hmmm I don’t know why but her words just got to me today…why would you be angry that someone was cheerful, a stranger at that…why do you care if there happy or not, you don’t know them so mind your own business and move along.

It’s strange just what weird things can set people off, I had no idea that someone being happy would annoy someone so much, jealously perhaps? no idea but I can’t think what else would annoy someone that way just because I was polite to her…how dare I try to be friendly and make the world a better place, let’s just all be miserable bastards and ignore each other because clearly, that’s the much better option.

it seems small and I let it go, it just sounded so crazy and stupid that I kept rethinking it again and again, there’s someone like that who belittles people for enjoying life and being happy, for no reason? from my recollection, nothing offensive or anything for that matter was said to provoke a response like that so why purposely attempt to disrupt someone’s day like that?

There are a many great people out in the world that are a pleasure to meet and get to know but the few that choose to go and make people’s life’s a misery for no reason, perhaps you should try a different method…like being nice.

Until next time, I’ll be here smiling

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