Today was a really good day, not only did i have a day of work but I also got to have a meet up with some good friends of mine, Jake and Ben. Ben is down in Bath at the moment so I don’t get to see him everyday so I couldn’t pass up the chance to see him. Upon arrival, we had a catch up before deciding to go and get some food at a local pub on the outskirts of town.  I decided to try a Wild Boar burger and it was a really good burger, expensive but much better then your average McDonald’s burger. It was here that we tried to talk about where we should go for my stag do next year and we thought of

  • Tenerife
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • France
  • UK (I highly doubt it’ll be here)

Throughout the day, I had been texting and calling George who is at University in Lancaster but the rude bugger was ignoring all of these until he finally picked up during the meal and he said that we could possibly use a big house on one of the Greek Islands for my stag do which would be awesome…we’ll have to see where that goes but it was good to get somewhere with a possible location.

Wild Boar and Chirozo Burger A really good burger

After the meal, we headed back to Jake’s house and played some GameCube, although we nearly didn’t because one of Jake’s controllers was damaged via a wire but he had a spare, luckily so we played Mario Party 5…I love the whole series and it was going to be a really good game.

A game of 10 turns and I decided to be Bowser Junior…no real reason, I just fancied being a villain with Jake being Waluigi and Ben being a Boo Ghost. It’s been years since I’ve properly played on the GameCube, it was a really good console in it’s day, I never had a bad time on any of the games…Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine and WWE Day of Reckoning were my favorites back then.

Overall, it was a pretty even game, we were all winning stars and games and having a good laugh together but as it looked like I had a real good chance to win, I accidentally went down one of the wrong paths away from the star I needed to win, seemingly throwing away the game (which the others didn’t fail to point out) they caught up and it looked like the winner would be decided by the amount of coins collected which I would have been 3rd

         It was a good console
                 Bowser JR

Then, out of the blue…the star moved to the space RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! all i had to do was get a 2 and I’d be there…I got a 7 and was able to pay for my 3rd star…putting me back in the lead but it didn’t stop there! I landed on the DK space, of all spaces and all I had to do to get another star was roll a higher number then DK, which he rolled a 2…I got a 5, making my star total 4! It was a sweet victory in the end really…getting two stars on the last turn and the looks on Ben’s and Jake’s faces was priceless, they thought I had thrown the game away earlier on but a last minute surprise gave me the win but who’s bragging?

After that, we decided to play on Mario Kart Double Dash, a three player event as we raced each other on each of the tracks…except Rainbow Road because it wasn’t unlocked at the time…Waluigi Stadium and DK Mountain were the hardest tracks as well as the most fun. I won a couple of races but also finished last the most amount of times as well, it’s another great series and I never get bored by playing Mario Kart…we also played some of the mini games and had a blast blowing each other up and stealing shines off each other (I was awesome at that by the way) we then played Sega All stars Tennis (not the actual Tennis) the mini games where we had to defeat horde after horde of zombies which I think we got to horde 15 before we were all killed but I got the most points overall 🙂

Soon afterwards, we took Ben back to his house before Jake drove me back home where a stack of pancakes was waiting for me…cooked by my lovely fiance Emma (The Drama Queen) bless her, then i looked on my phone to see a message from Jake’s girlfriend Laura…she said that I didn’t need to rush away from Jake’s on her account as he was going over to hers afterwards but since I didn’t read it until after Jake dropped me off…I couldn’t do anything about it, whoops 😛 Overall a great day and bring on D and D on Friday with Jake and George!

Until next time guys


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