I love Sunday, I can relax all day and not worry about work or anything stressful in life, aren’t Sundays just great? I was able to sleep in today (well after waking up in the middle of the night, thank you nosebleed!) and I was able to enjoy a nice peaceful breakfast with Emma today (bless her) Then she went off to ASDA and Mcdonalds with her Aunt while I went off to see my Family for the day which was nice but as I got there, they were trying to register a new hoover that they had bought and they had no idea how to do it…you know that moment when they are on the computer and have no idea what they are doing on it, you can’t help but sigh and watch them struggle…but they started to argue about it so i had a look and was able to sort it out pretty much straight away…parents and technology…I hope I’m not that bad when I have children.

I was able to enjoy a nice Fish and Chip dinner from my favorite place in town which just makes a weekend feel just perfect for me, nothing is better then a taste of home. Going back home on the stupid train…that was late, I had a nice Green Tea before having a good chat with Emma about the future and what our plans were which went well.

Now that I’m going to travel about Europe in August, I need to prepare myself and do some research, so I will spend the next few months researching countries, cultures, food etc so I can get the best experience out of the holiday. It snowed today, which was strange considering that it’s been sunny the past few days…it was freezing cold and I forgot to wear a jumper today…wonderful, at least Emma has central heating on at home…my parents heating was broken…and my brother didn’t come down to visit today, maybe I’ll see him next week.

I want to feel like I’ve settled into my new life and all but it will take time, so I hope that 2015 will be a good year for me, especially with Emma…she does too many chores around the house and I always tell her to let me help but she says that she enjoys doing them, I tell her to take a break and I’ll do some but she keeps on going, that girl can’t keep still at times yet in the morning, it’s almost impossible to get her out of bed! but I love her to pieces, she’s my soul mate and I’d never change her, ever.

Until next time, good night World, sweet dreams!

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