Bit late because my Sky box went off last night meaning that my recording of the event failed so I stayed offline all day so I wouldn’t see any spoilers at all so here we go with the final PPV before Wrestlemania 31

Match 1
Dolph Ziggler/Erik Rowan and Ryback vs Seth Rollins/ Big Show and Kane

Il be honest it kind of pains me to see Big Show and Kane kiss Seth Rollins Arse like that…if you watched the Attitude Era then it should make you want to throw up! Especially with Kane, the Big Red Machine that used to come, see and throw caucuses around like there ain’t no tomorrow!

Match gets going and back and forth mainly with Erik Rowan fending off Big Show and Kane…right up to the point that he misses a big boot and whacks the ring post…ouch! And the fans want Ziggler to come in and scream every time he does a move and we also have Feed me more chants, I feel a bit bad for Erik Rowan here, no chants for him

Anyway here comes Seth Rollins, oh wait…Rowan Chants, Thank you Memphis! But he needs to make a tag and fast, he is getting dominated by Rollins team!

Rollins prevents a tag from Rowan to Ryback…momentarily but after a roundhouse kick, The Big Guy gets a tag and takes Rollins apart and attempts a Shellshock but the stupid J and J prevent this and a devastating kick to Rybacks face from Rollins, a thing of beauty but after a bit of back and forth, Ryback hits ShellShock on Rollins but out of nowhere, a giant splash from Show on Ryback…ouch!

Ziggler and Kane tag in and Ziggler takes over, he rides the momentum until Big Show sneaks in a KO punch to Ziggler and Kane pins Ziggler for the win. What a punch though! The Authority victorious on this night

Result- Team Rollins wins

After match beat down on Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan when all of a sudden I HEAR VOICES! Randy Orton is back, and he destroys the Authority with RKO after RKO after R K O except for Rollins who escapes for now…finally. I call Orton vs Rollins at Wrestlemania! 

Match rating- 4/10

Could have been a better opener to be honest, it seemed rushed to me and it was put together pretty much at the last minute and Orton returned after the match so he couldn’t up this match. 

 Match 2 

Stardust vs Goldust

I think Stardust forgot his top when he made his entrance…bit weird but I think that’s the point. Crowd seems quiet as Goldust makes his entrance which is a shame.

I’ve waited for this for a long time, brother vs brother, I just wish it was at Wrestlemania but maybe Cody will come back and wel have the match after all, who knows. Speaking of Cody, the crowd chants for Cody, please come back, I miss your theme song!

Goldust is having the better offence at this stage as Stardust seems to be having multiple personality disorder, a tad confusing which for me takes focus off the actual match.

Stardust gets aggressive and takes over the match

Who’s your favourite?

I heard a boring chant! Anyway Stardust goes for CrossRhodes but Goldust reverses and pins his brother for the victory.

Goldust tries to reason with his brother but as we see, Stardust walks away, ensuring that this isn’t the last wel see of this feud. 

 Match Rating- 5/10

It was ok, just ok, the crowd didn’t help the story play out and the match needed work but part of me thinks that their rematch will be so much better but it needs Cody Rhodes vs Goldust, it can’t have Stardust anywhere near it or this feud will be a failure. 

 Match 3
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The USOS vs Tyson Kidd/ Cesaro

Oh great, Naomi is out here…I find her to be so boring…so is Natalya, not in there wrestling. Skills, just the storyline that includes them, makes the titles boring, who cares really? The Divas bore me and have done for a few years, except for Paige, A.J can wrestle but her skipping, crazy faze has gotten too stale now.

Anyway, the match kicks off rather well, good back and forth and I’m loving the team of Kidd and Cesaro, they deserve a….wow a one legged swing by Cesaro!

Going for a splash but Cesaro saves himself before tagging in Kidd and another great tag team move but Jey Uso kicks out followed by a tag team move by the Usos and then a great leap over the top onto Cesaro then Kidd gets slammed into the barricade after a failed Samoan Drop on the outside. Another splash attempt is reversed and a near fall. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter but Jimmy kicks Kidd in the back of the head and breaks it up, followed by another near fall

A distraction by Cesaro allows Tyson Kidd to finish off the match and we have New Tag Team Champions!

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro!! 

 Match Rating- 8/10

A really good match with high flying action and the expected spots that got this is awesome chants and to be honest, I assumed that the Usos would retain so I’m glad that I was proven wrong and a change is needed. Well done Cesaro and Kidd!!

Triple H makes his way out to the ring, not in his uniform and he calls himself the heartbeat of the WWE and calls Sting out to which the lights dim and the crow calls…Sting emerges and makes his way to the ring.

Triple H reminds Sting of WCWs demise and even offers him a deal to walk away in order to save his legacy and Sting just stands in silence and Triple H offers another route, to destroy Sting instead for being disrespectful before he tries a cheap shot but Sting fights back until he’s whacked with a microphone and Triple H beats on Sting before going for his sledgehammer but Sting equalises with a baseball bat as he intimidates the Game into a corner before pointing up to the Wrestlemania sign.

It should be a good match in 5 weeks time, WWE vs WCW once again and my money is on the man they call Sting! 

Match 4) Nikki Bella (wiv Brie Bella) vs Paige for the Women’s (Divas) Championship, thank you Lillian Garcia.

Needless to say…this match was nothing special, I had a nap during it…and Nikki wins by cheating….yawn 

Match Rating 2/10
The Divas need a lot of work and I MEAN a lot of work to make it interesting and not a toilet break for most fans anymore. If there’s a Brie vs Nikki match at Wrestlemania then I give up on the Divas, not even A.J can save it now…where’s Kharma when you need her? 

 Match 5) Intercontinental Championship Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

It was an alright match with both wrestlers getting some good shots in and for BNB to be afraid of Ambrose ruins it for me somewhat, it should have been a cleanly fought match with a clean finish, not a ridiculous DQ by the ref. I didn’t mind who won the match as I’m fans of them both but DQs are a cheap way to tell the fans “screw you …this is how we do things”

Seriously..I know it’s the norm but it’s just disappointing to see it done so badly in the match 

 Match Rating 6/10 (could have been a solid 9 with a clean finish)

We know Ambrose is crazy and he deserves a lot more then what WWE has given him, the fans love him and his matches…unlike Roman Reigns who’s Superman.2, why does Vincent Kennedy Mchmahon think that we like him so much, is this really the guy you want to lead your company after Cena goes?? Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins would be a much better fit, or Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt or even Dolph Ziggler because they can WRESTLE! Remember what that is Vince? It’s not a drama where we watch wrestlers tell stories on the mic…it’s pure wrestling that we love, why do you think NXT is so popular now? Learn from it and gives us back the days where matches were unpredictable and exciting! Not Cena overcomes all he faces! The Rock and Austin lost cleanly at times and there two of the greatest in the business! If Reigns is to be the future then he can’t always appear so invincible and he must win over the audience or he will not be accepted by the majority of fans (fans, not a Universe)

Anyway…good match but has the potential to be so much more 

Match 6 United States Championship
Rusev vs John Cena

I actually couldn’t wait for this match, I am a Cena fan, I don’t buy the gear or anything but I can appreciate everything he has done for WWE but there’s no reason why CM Punk or Daniel Bryan or even Dolph Ziggler shouldn’t get the same kind of push!

Anyway Rusev has been impressive and I’m British so the Russia vs America WWE has going on doesn’t get to me so much, as long as the matches are good then il like it but with wrestlers that are undefeated then we all know that one day, they will lose and it’s what happens after that loss that is important, how will Rusev be as a future star after his first loss?

Remember New Years Revolution 2007? Another certain superstar was also undefeated and was challenging for the WWE Championship, do you remember who the champion was? John Cena and he ended the undefeated streak of the Samoan Bulldozer (R.I.P) now this made Umaga slip somewhat, sure he went on become Intercontinental Champion and speak English (for some reason) but the point here is that Umaga losing to John Cena ruined him, he was never really the same now that fans knew he could be beat, he went on to lose feuds with Triple H, Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy before his career ended!

Rusev can be a dominating force for years to come but only if the WWE writers do him justice and book him that, I’d rather have Rusev as WWE Champion then Roman Reigns right now

The match goes along well with what you would expect, good back and forth with Rusev looking strong and Cena coming back strongly with close pin falls and all with Rusev becoming frustrated that he couldn’t put Cena away. I started to worry that Cena would actually win or Rusev would get Disqualified and the rematch to be at Wrestlemania but would that mean that Cena would win the U.S Championship?

Is Cena doing a cross face on Rusev?? It’s not an STU!! Glad Rusev got out of it but kick out after kick out is getting stale by Cena.

Accolade time, please! No it’s STU time, properly now, Rusev scratches and claws to the bottom rope but only just and Cena looks like he has doubts now, a good match surprisingly! After many attempts, Cena hits an AA but only gets a very close 2! I’m glad Rusev looks strong in this match OMG what a reversal by Rusev, a sick powerbomb before Rusev finally locks in the Accolade, has Cena ever tapped before?

Close moments were Cena almost breaks out before he stands up with Rusev on his back but Lana interferes and Rusev locks the accolade back in and Cena passes out.

Winner- Rusev 

Match rating- 8/10

Overall it was very enjoyable and the right call for Rusev to retain and by submission, yes Cena didn’t actually tap out but it will show a Submission Victory for Rusev in the record books. Will there be a rematch? More then likely and if it’s better then this classic then itl be a really good match!

Match 7) Winner faces Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE Championship

Reigns gets weak cheers whereas Bryan has a decent pop. The match starts weakly in my opinion, they just circle each other and fans chant for them both. Reigns is stronger but Bryan is faster and the better wrestler. 

Bryan fails to lock in a submission move with Reigns brute strength that easily overpowers Bryan and knocks him out of the ring before driving Bryan all over the place, the barricade and apron! Ouch.

Bryan fights back and goes for Reigns hamstrings with kicks before locking in a hold but again Reigns powers out and we go back and forth followed by a Samoan Drop and a clothesline and then another clothesline. Reigns overpowers Bryan and takes over with repeated suplexes.

Reigns goes for the Superman Punch but Bryan reverses with a kick to the liver and Reigns is checked on by the ref but continues but Bryan is in control now and works on the liver area with kicks  and the ref checks on Reigns again. Reigns counters a top rope move and powerbombs Bryan to the mat for a close 2

Reigns is back on the offence but Bryan fights back and back suplexes Reigns from the top rope for a close 2 count followed by Bryan locking in the YES Lock! But Reigns makes it to the bottom rope and the move is broken up. Bryan dives into Reigns repeatedly on the outside and Reigns looks hurt until he catches Bryan mid air and slams him to the ground then misses spearing Bryan and is thrown into the steel steps, both men are out on the ground and both barely make it back in the ring before the count of 10

Bryan goes up and goes for a diving head it but Reigns counters with a devastating Superman Punch for another close 2. Reigns sets up a spear attempt and boos ring out but Bryan reverses and rolls Reigns up for a close 2 then a big kick to the face followed by a high knee but Reigns kicks out at 2! Reigns is the first superstar to kick out of this move. The fans chant this is awesome!

Kicks to the chest by Bryan again but Reigns catches the last one, followed by slaps to Reigns face then an armbar and eventually the YES loco again in the centre of the ring. Reigns tries to break free, which he does and follows up with some really hard punches to Bryan that look devastating. Bryan reverses and locks in a hold but Reigns powers out and slams Bryan to the mat, they are both out and the count goes to 8 before blows are exchanged again. 

Bryan nails the kick to the head and prepares another high knee which fails as Reigns hits a spear and gets the win.

So Reigns can kick out of the High Knee but Bryan can’t kick out of the Spear? Yeah, ok then.

WWE you can shove Reigns down our throat all you want, he’s dull and boring…he can’t speak on the mic and is only in the position he is in because of his family ties. 

Match Rating- 9/10

A great match but diss appointed that Reigns won. It’s the wrong choice and Bryan telling Reigns to kick Lesnars ass! It was like The Rock raising Cenas arm at WM 29…sickening 

Get your shit together WWE your out of touch with your fans and have no idea who they want to see as the top guy.  

Overall the PPV was ok but wasn’t better then an Elimination Chamber PPV…dull really apart from the main event and Cena vs Rusev. I expected more to be fair. How will WWE make Reigns the next star? Fairy tales…being invincible? No, he needs to be a motivator, someone the fans can relate and look up to and right now, I’d rather have Bray Wyatt be my inspiration, he’s entertaining and can wrestle but Reigns has a lot of work to do which is why he is the wrong person to beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania, it’s too early and WWE is in danger of ruining Reigns instead of carefully making him go through the ranks but oh well, when does WWE ever listen to the fans?

Score 5/10

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