AI started off this morning waking up repeatedly between 4 am and 7 am with a bad sore throat and i kept waking up Emma as well which I always felt bad about and I would always apologize to her for and she would always say that I didn’t need to apologize, bless her.

Regardless she woke up with me and made my breakfast ( I literally had no strength) and she tried to persuade me to not go into work and have the day off but I wouldn’t listen as I assumed I would be fine but knowing Emma, she decided to walk me to work, mainly because I was feeling light headed and was a bit dizzy on my feet which was really sweet of her (she really does care about me) and she decided to do some shopping as I worked, she purchased some Lemsip for me to have later. bless her, I love that girl so much, she is without a doubt, my soul mate!

Work was tricky today because I couldn’t speak so much…my throat hurt too much but the customers were all very understanding which was a massive help to me.  After my shift ended, Emma walked with me back home (she didn’t stay in the shop for my whole shift) and we had lunch which was my dinner from last night as I felt like rubbish last night and couldn’t eat anything.

I would spend the afternoon watching Top Gear and napping on the sofa but as I did this, I had completely forgotten all about my Dr’s Appointment and at 5pm i got a text saying that I did not attend but was able to reschedule, thank goodness.

I can’t say that today was the most exciting day for me, bit hard when you barely have the strength to do much and I thought that Arsenal’s game against Monaco would cheer me up, a sure fire win I thought but what happened? Monaco beat Arsenal 3-1, humiliating them and I can’t help but be angry about it, there’s only so much disappointment that a fan can put up with.

One thing that was nice however was that me and Emma went out for some good old Fish and Chips after she finished work and they were delicious, a true British delicacy that I can be proud of and would recommend anyone around the world try.

It sucks being poorly but we all go through it…I just want to be able to have a drink or snack without it being painful to swallow, one can dream.

Anyway, I’ll finish here tonight, I’ll blog more next time

Goodnight everyone

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