It’s Saturday!!! Woooo I love the weekend! Oh wait I have to go to work this morning…never mind…

Health wise I’m feeling a lot better, sore throats gone (yey) and Emma can’t be bothered to wake up at the same time as me…bless her. 

Today at work was a rather strange experience, the reason being was a customer came to me and we talked as I scanned and she randomly asked me

Are you Foreign?

I said no and that I was very much English but she said I sounded Polish which was weird considering I’ve never been to the country before and other customers said that it was ridiculous but the customer insisted that I was polish…those Saturday mornings! They are crazy!

Finally I could go home and relax because it has been a long and painful week for me. Maybe now I can work on that super awesome novel I’m planning which will make me a millionaire so I can buy a golden buggati veron!! That and a life time supply of Ben and Jerrys! 

Or I could just play Fifa 15 on my PS4 and watch TV because who wants to go outside on a weekend? Seriously it’s raining cats and dogs up North today, very windy. Where is my crispy Bacon sandwich???  

I watched a video about a food Titan called Daym Drops and he ate a Pizza with a bacon crust WTF what does that even mean???? It looked amazing and it’s not available to Britain, NOOOOO! No fair, I want bacon on my crust! But here I am with a bacon sandwich…brown bread! No sauce ! And a green tea! America gets everything…except Dairy Milk…stupid Hershey’s!! 

I’m all better guys and I can’t wait to get back to writing properly again!

Thanks guys, have a great Saturday!!

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