That time of the year where the biggest PPV is only a few weeks away and I’d normally be excited for it…it’s WRESTLEMANIA after all and it can’t be any worse than this



Our main event is Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns




(Yeah, that guy) for the WWE Championship and I’m sure that it’s going to be a great contest that will define a generation of wrestling. I mean, Roman Reigns is clearly the guy that the WWE Universe wants to be champion…right??? I mean he’s so good on the mic, every week he tells fairy tales and acts all smug, even though Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have had many more rivalries and decent matches…yet…Roman is the number one guy, kind of messes with your head that one.


As well as that we will have Sting wrestling against The Undertak- hang on, what…Triple H….What the bloody hell is he wrestling that twat for??? oh right, his ego….Sting vs HHH….I don’t know who out of Triple H or Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the bigger ego? I mean what next Stephanie McMahon vs A.J Lee??? hmmm slightly better than Nikki vs Brie (Please, DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!) As far as I’m concerned right now, The Divas division is screwed big time, it’s worthless and so dull, it’s embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong, Paige is good, as is Natalya and possibly Naomi…work on the acting though! Charlotte as well but her time will come. As for the rest…oh man, I can’t be bothered to go into how much they are just terrible…worse then watching paint dry…I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss Eve Torres and Mickie James, annoying as I found them, they could wrestle…well.

Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker sounds good, really good infact but it doesn’t make much sense…especially since Sting is now in WWE…you even reference why Sting comes to WWE in WWE 2K15, what did you just forget that idea WWE? John Cena vs Rusev….seriously WWE? Cena’s going to end Rusev’s streak? sigh…oh joy…I’m sure all the little kiddies and some grown men will jump up and down for joy at the sight of superman saving the day…and America apparently because how dare someone use their right of free speech in America…even if it slanders it…hey you guys wrote the Declaration of Independence when you beat us (Brits) back then, good show and all but…you should have been able to see the future and also add in there

  • Anyone named Roman or John may not have the will to participate in the art of wrestling

Would have made the Royal Rumbles a lot better in my opinion…Also, your aware it’s just a storyline right?…right? that and Rusev is from Bulgaria! speaking of Independance…is that why you guys wont let Bad News Barrett be WWE Champ…because he’s English? come on guys, he’d be great! better than bloody Reigns (BTW, I’m not being serious with the whole Independence thing)



As for the rest, we’ll probably have a battle royal again where winning it means nothing dude, it’s all about Andre the Giant…now let me reminisce for twenty minutes about the time I slammed him to the mat brother! A ladder match for the IC Championship…hope they don’t lose it before the PPV! and maybe Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton with Big Show acting as cheerleader for Seth’s team! get it…because it’s the Big Show…the most bi polar wrestler of all time…seriously, that guy just goes back and forth all the’s dull and no one ever cares anymore.

Come on guys…maybe one day, if we try really hard…the WWE might actually listen and book a guy we like really strong…Yes, Yes, Yes…WHO AM I KIDDING! I hope everyone that goes out to see it has a good time and remember, Reigns will win the championship and you’ll have to live with seeing that…for the rest of your lives….but hey, you get to see a man with white paint on his face and another get more and more bald who struggles to get up from the mat a bit more each year…hurrah!

See you next time

Look at that…made it through a whole blog without mentioning Daniel Bryan


Never mind…

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