Following a rather embarrassing dream about noodles, I decided it was time to wake up and enter the real world again (crazy I know) It’s always a joy to wake up next to Emma, she looks so cute asleep. And it’s a Sunday and it’s my first bloody day off for a week so how should I spend it? catching up on some television?? seeing friends? spending the day with Emma?? No….I’ll go and see the parents for a day instead! Why not…it’s always good to go back to my roots and all

It started to snow…out of the blue, it was so unexpected how it went from Sunshine to darkness and snow in such a short amount of time but that’s British weather for you, I guess. the small town looked like it had been covered in snow for days, not a couple of hours…no idea how America deals with all the snow it gets every year. The weather here can be weird. It can be sunny in one town and horribly rainy in the next…no wonder we Brits love to complain about it all the time

The train ride was quiet and fast, as in it past every station until I got to my hometown of Settle and had to wait for my Dad to come and pick me up when it started Hail stoning…the weather is just so indecisive today! eventually he came and he took me home. It feels weird going back to the house that you grew up in after you’ve moved out of it…being a guest and not a resident but everyone goes through it…right? Whilst I was here I wrote my blog on what annoys me about Roman Reigns and why Wrestlemania 31 will suck hard but I’ll still end up buying it on Sky like the sucker I am, then I’ll likely complain about it…even though the outcome is bloody obvious.

It was a football day and Arsenal were able to beat Everton 2-0 and get back some credibility after losing 3-1 to Monaco in the UEFA Champions League, thank god! if they had lost today, then I have no idea how I’d react! they may have won but I don’t think that means much because we were still humiliated this week and I’m scared that the board only thinks 4th is good enough and getting out of the group stages! Wankers!

After that I tried to watch Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea in the Capital One Cup final but the stupid weather interfered with the signal and the Television froze…typical, it would all happen on the day of the final so I missed all of the first half but managed to see the 2nd half where Chelsea beat Spurs 2-0. After that I would eventually return back home and as I knocked on the door, Emma appeared wearing a Maid outfit… heels and all, waiting for me with a Green Tea in her hands, someone’s been influenced by Fifty Shades of Grey…enough said but Sunday has been great today, minus the snow…and the travel disruptions but hey, it’s the weekend!

Anyway, that’s all for now…tomorrow’s Monday so I must prepare myself…Cheerio!

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