Perhaps I’m ranting about this match a bit too much and being unfair to Roman…I mean, it hasn’t happened yet and we could all be surprised by it, it could be a well fought match that makes Wrestlemania a great PPV this year….and I could walk outside and find a million pounds in the street!

Think back to the Royal Rumble. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins…what Cena and Rollins did to Lesnar during that match that made u believe that Lesnar would lose his championship but despite every Attitude Adjustment, Curp Stomp, spear through a barricade or being driven through the announce team…Lesnar still retained, he looked unstoppable and let’s not forget that Lesnar also did the impossible and defeated the undefeated streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 but WWE also backed themselves into a big corner by doing this and il explain why

It’s pretty simple really, what will finally take Lesnar down if tombstones. Attitude Adjustments, Curb Stomps, tackles through barricades or driven through announce tables couldn’t?? Also it has to be believable as well as monumental

Yet at Wrestlemania, more then likely, Lesnars dominance and reign as champion, his accomplishment of ending the streak will all be ended…by a combination of a Superman Punch and a…Spear! (It makes me shudder) Does WWE seriously think that fans will buy that? So John Cena nor The Undertaker could defeat Lesnar but Reigns will take a beating, deliver a spear and win?? 

Is this the kind of bullshit that we have to look forward too? People booed at the Royal Rumble for a reason! do you know what people don’t like about this whole situation?? That we’re being forced to like Roman Reigns, you shove him down our throats every week even though there are many superstars on that roster that deserve it so much more!

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Seth Rollins
  • Ryback 
  • Bad News Barrett
  • Luke Harper

Any of those superstars deserve a big push before Roman Reigns, it blows the mind how the WWE writers and Vince think! So arrogant in thinking that this is what people want! 

I pray that regardless of the result of the match, Lesnar DESTROYS Reigns and leaves him on the canvas, then Seth Rollins cashes in and wins the championship! I don’t see Lesnar winning so Rollins in my mind is the only hope of saving this main event from being worse then Miz vs Cena!

Why can’t WWE just get it right?! I know you can’t please everyone but when you make the majority of fans boo the guy you want to main event two years in a row, then your doing something wrong! Very wrong but it’s when you act stubborn and don’t admit that you got it wrong that angers people, fans pay a lot of money to watch WWE and it feels awful when it looks like the company doesn’t care what fans think…how much longer will WWE get away with it, would they do this if another company rose up and became just as popular? WWE has gotten to cocky and one day, itl come back to bite them and if it does, the fans might not be so forgiving as they’ll know what kind of story lines WWE will do again…tread carefully 

Thanks Guys

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