Hello everyone and welcome to the worst day of the week, Monday! isn’t it just wonderful ,going back to work, school etc where’s the weekend gone?

It was an absolute snow Blizzard in the North of England today and knowing us Brits, we were totally unprepared for it, one drop and every car stops in the road, traffic ensues and gritters are no where in sight…planes are cancelled and trains delayed…all because of a bit of snow…Norway and Sweden must always have a good chuckle when it snows here…America as well, they get a ton every year and they always seem to do just fine…not Britain though….must we always moan and complain about the weather over here?!

It’s typical that it would happen on a Monday though, the first day of the week when your not ready for your weekend to be over but it doesn’t care, it’s Monday and it’s here!

Anyway, I go to work in the snow and watch as customers pile in, due to the blizzard…they all probably thought that they should get their shopping done whilst the weather was bad, even though it kept switching from blizzard to sunshine every half an hour all day (That’s British Weather for you) 

After finishing my shift, I went along with my Fiance Emma to the doctors to discuss possible options for her implant removal next month, we have both talked about whether she should have it back in until after the wedding and honeymoon next year before settling down and raising a family of our own, it’s what we both want but we both want to enjoy life a bit before that and raise up enough funds to be able to look after one, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise if we brought up a child with little to no money coming in.

After coming to a decision on that, I walked Emma to work in the freezing cold before returning home and having a nap…unfortunately it lasted a bit longer then 10 minutes…I woke up all of a sudden with the door bell ringing, it was pitch black and I was shaken by what was going on…Emma had come home and was wondering why I wasn’t there to pick her up from her work, I had been asleep for more then Three hours, DAMN IT MONDAY! she laughed and let me off the hook (bless) before we had Steak, chips and Vegetables for dinner, followed with an Oreo Ice Cream.

It looks like it could be snowing for the next couple of days so I should prepare to see long queues of traffic and no gritters about for a while, with the hillsides covered in a white blanket for a bit…looks pretty.

Oh well, it’s Tuesday tomorrow and not Monday! see you all next time

Peace Out

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