Hurray, it’s not Monday…that’s normally my first reaction to waking up on a Tuesday but none the less, I had to go into work to help cover a shift which wasn’t bad but you know, when it’s meant to be your day off and you have to suddenly go into work…your going to be a little bit annoyed about it, even if it’s just a tad

This afternoon, I sat down and watched WWE Raw and boy…wasn’t it such a delight, have a read of my review here- Matt Attack: A Production of Raw

I feel somewhat happy that I have settled down into my life now that I have finished University, moved in with my fiance and settled into my new job….if only 2016 could hurry up and get here so I could get married already…Emma keeps telling me how many days are left until the wedding…every single day…it’s a long time away!

After doing some shopping where I purchased Game Of Thrones Season 4, we had Sausage, chips and peas for dinner which was good, considering that the weather was so bloody freezing outside and it had been a job and a half getting the shopping home when the wind was strong enough to blow you away!

This evening, I discovered something that I’m a little bit unsure about…I am a massive Dragonball Z fan, always have been and next month, the newest film comes out which stars Frieza as the Villain which is awesome as he’s my favorite character in the series but for the first time ever, I saw his new form today and I…I don’t know what to make of it

Watch the trailer here-


He looks like an Oscar!!



Here’s a close up of his face and I still think that it looks awesome, I just didn’t see the colour Gold coming at all on him…it looks good and all but it’s perhaps a tad ironic that its the same colour of a Super Saiyan…did he want to be like one so much after all or something? Oh well, only one way to find out but I do hope it’s not Goku that kills him this time, Vegeta deserves it so much more and it would make a lot more sense. I’m glad I can get excited about this movie and all, I just hope that Frieza gets some good spots in and earns back some credibility.

Me and Emma watched 10,000BC from last night and couldn’t believe how stupid they all are in there…It shouldn’t matter if one or two people are vegetarian, you don’t force that onto everyone else! no one likes to be forced to eat berries of they can hunt which Paul was doing by the way and they all act like spoilt brats but this is Channel 5 who will always throw whatever rubbish together and call it television.

Weather wise in Britain, it’s still undecided. One minute it’s sunny and nice, the next it’s like the windiest day of the year then it goes back to being sunny, then dark and windy and so on and so forth. HEY, WEATHER…MAKE YOUR MIND ALREADY!!

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday which is dangerously close to the mid week and by the way, the days the 29th, 30th and 31st of February are still reported missing and haven’t been seen for more then a 1000 years, if you have seen these dates….please turn them in as people born on the 29th of February are still waiting to celebrate there birthday, thank you.

Goodnight and sleep tight

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