Today started of well, I woke up just a few minutes before Emma did and I decided that I should probably have a little bit of fun so I tickled her awake (she wasn’t happy about it at all to be honest) She always takes a lot longer to come around. She pleaded with me to not tickle her but I couldn’t resist, it was just too much fun and I was the one going to work and she could stay at home and do what she wanted all day….I was having this moment. I did however, finish when it looked like she would take my arm off if I didn’t…she can get fierce when she wants to, like an animal backed into a corner, she lashes off.

I heard her yell **** off as I went down the stairs (how lovely) but I tried to laugh it off (well then boys, don’t you just love to wind your girlfriends up in the morning?) Anyway, I had my shower and when I came out, I noticed that she wasn’t speaking to me that much..even though I wrapped my arms around her and nibbled her neck, I think she was playing hard to get and I made my breakfast as she came round and forgave me…I then set off for work which was fun (sarcasm) it’s a barrel of laughs when you get customers that buy a pound worth of shopping and give you a 20 pound note….so many people like to do that…gets annoying after a while! one customer paid me in the smallest amounts of change and then kept changing her mind! I was going to work until half 12 but was asked if I could stay until half 3 which I agreed too (well it is extra money)

Emma came to meet me during my break and I vented out my frustrations of the morning shift to her and she told me to stop worrying and that everything would be fine, we all make mistakes and that’s what makes us human. She even slapped me with one of her gloves (cheeky) as she did her shopping The afternoon went a lot better and as soon as half 3 came, I was out the door and dashed home for a late lunch, I was starving, you never truly appreciate a good meal until you work for one! I was really tired at this point, I’ve been doing a lot of overtime the last few weeks and not enough sleep so I had a quick nap and forgot to do my chores for the day (Emma was understanding as she came home and suggested a takeaway, which I was thinking about so great minds think alike)

I didn’t go to pick up Emma today…I fell asleep for the second time this week…I’m glad I get a week off soon, I’ll use it to relax and let my body catch up! she’s always so understanding and kind, I love her to pieces….I have noticed that a lot of people from America like her blogs…we always smile when we look at views and all of hers are from America…she’ll get 4 or 5 likes straight away with every post and she’s amazed by it and it makes me happy that shes doing well at something new but am baffled by how Americans love to read about her everyday life so much (thanks though)

After Emma came home, we both went to get some money and we ordered a pizza takeaway and I decided to watch the football as we waited, Arsenal played QPR and we scrapped a 2-1 win so that was awesome along with my pizza and cheesy chips….good night to finish off a horrid day but I guess I should get ready for bed…I have another long day tomorrow ahead of me.

More tomorrow….If I don’t fall asleep when I get back home

Matthew (The Drama Queen’s Fiance)

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