This day started off a lot better then the previous one…we were both able to wake up in decent time and Emma wasn’t as tired as she was yesterday, so I didn’t feel the need to tickle her awake today (to be fair, I felt like two days in a row was pushing my luck too much) I went downstairs and had a nice shower, followed by a decent breakfast of Toast and a coffee before I went and got changed for another long day of work….from 9 to 5, what a way to make a living, right? I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be Emma and never have to actually work in the mornings…her job starts in the afternoon (alright for some) But I’m going to be on holiday next week so I can keep going for a bit longer.

As I left home, Emma decided to try and change the bed sheets all by herself and not wait until I was home so I could help her….because, that makes perfect sense, right? (I’m sure the boys can back me up on this bad decision making by Emma) She went next door and asked our neighbor to help her out as I went to work so I didn’t have to think about her struggling as I worked all day. The morning went by with little to no fuss and I was met by Emma who walked with me home and we had lunch which was what was left from last nights takeaway which was awesome and we watched a crime documentary because Emma is really into them and I decided to give them a watch…needless to say, I struggle to get to sleep some nights, some of the stories are really messed up and creepy.

This afternoon, I went back to work for my second shift and the afternoons on a Thursday are the toughest of the week, or I seem to think so but the shift went by with no issues so with half an hour to kill, I put on some music, put on my headphones and went for a walk around town before finally picking up Emma from her job and we walked home for dinner and a moan about our days at work before watching more documentaries, this time about cyber bullying….it’s really messed up how harsh and cruel people can be behind a computer screen, destroying lives for whatever sick reasons they have! Should really get Emma into something new.

As she cuddles up on the sofa and cuddles her favorite polar bear toy, I listen to some Eminem and plan my next day out…It’s the weekend soon after all and we all love the weekend right? Wherever we are in the world, Saturdays are awesome! Also, this morning I read news that Maxis, the company behind the SIMS might be closing down and I think Emma almost had a heart attack, she worships that game so much! was a bit of a tease on my part, couldn’t help it (Every boyfriend teases their girlfriends in some way)

Anyway, I’ll finish here….I’ll blog more soon

Keep it real and goodnight

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