Well, isn’t it obvious? Why shouldn’t the most talented superstar by the number one guy for a change? Heaven forbid John Cena or Roman Reigns be the champion…because it’s clear that it’s what the fans want (sarcasm) but hey, when has what the fans have wanted ever mattered? Mr Rollins is the Money in the Bank Contract holder and still has up to the next MITB PPV to cash it in which is still some ways away and with Wrestlemania just around the corner, it seems that this would be the perfect time for him to cash it in and I personally think that a cash in at Wrestlemania is the perfect way to save the PPV!


Think about it, who on here on anywhere on the internet ‘actually’ wants Roman Reigns to be WWE Champion? apart from the teenage girls who just fall for any guy with dashing looks and muscles! I mean, the guy is just AWFUL on the mic and his Royal Rumble win was actually worse then Batista’s the previous year and I didn’t think that would be possible! yet Roman Reigns is destined to carry the torch from John Cena who apparently is taking a back seat of some sorts….has the time finally come?



Mr Rollins has what it takes to elevate WWE, to put on 5* matches against Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro down the line for the Championship, he arrived at the Royal Rumble and heck, even before that…Mr Rollins has shown what he can do in the ring and out of it, unlike Reigns who just relies on his family ties to get him to the center of the WWE dinner table. Dean Ambrose would be a close second as he and Rollins clearly have the potential to be stars that the fans will want to see for many years to come, unlike Reigns. Now I don’t hate Roman Reigns…but let’s be honest, he isn’t the best out of the three, far from it yet he will be the one to first be a World Champion which is an injustice in my eyes because he just doesn’t deserve it…not yet anyway….the only way I would accept him being a World Champion today was only if the championship was two again and he became the World Heavyweight Champion and I’d still be somewhat reluctant about it yet Rollins and Ambrose are two superstars that I could easily accept as WWE Champion today.

  1. They can both wrestle
  2. They are both good on the mic
  3. The fans love them both
  4. They earned there place here fairly
  5. Their Hell in a Cell match was the best one in years! (Enough said)
  6. Reigns is being shoved down the universe’s throat! we’re being forced to like him

I read everywhere that WWE hopes that Reigns will be the hero that is cheered for at Wrestlemania, die to Lesnar’s likely departure from the company but aren’t there hopes a little delusional, we all remember Wrestlemania 20 when Lesnar left the last time, right? Both him and his opponent Goldberg were booed and Reigns will still be about but he’ll still suck on the mic and WWE will predictably make him invincible so that he will barely ever lose a clean match, spouting ridiculous fairy tales…seriously Vince….just why? You got this so wrong but as usual, your ego blinds you from the truth, you won’t ever listen to the fans…it’s a shame really…I once respected you as a fan, you brought joy to my childhood with Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H but now…with Roman Reigns…a man so lacking in so many departments being made WWE Champion when there is a MOUNTAIN of potential stars who deserve it so much more…like Seth Rollins? I can easily say that I don’t respect you and you have broken my childhood heart of loving WWE.

Unless Roman Reigns stops acting so smug and cocky all, the time, unless he gets good on the mic and can actually wrestle a half decent match…seriously…Kane and Big Show run circles around him! then you must have Seth Rollins cash in on Roman Reigns to close your Wrestlemania…because if you don’t…your in danger of having a worse main event then this



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