Hi guys, it’s me, Matt

And today, it’s finally Friday!!


It’s the weekend people, that wonderful time where we can all relax and prepare ourselves for the next week, some of you will be going out to the bar, going to sport games and some will be sleeping for the majority of it. It’s been a few months since I moved into this house with Emma and I think I have settled down properly now but at a time, It all got too stressful for me and I got some anti depressants to deal with it all but unfortunately, they made me a bit paranoid and my supervisor noticed at work and said that they would be there to help me if I needed it which was very helpful but I think I’ll speak to my GP about slowly coming off the tablets soon. It’s tricky being paranoid and thinking that you’ll always get in trouble at work but I should listen to what they tell me at work and relax and calm down because most mistakes can be rectified so hopefully, I should take this on board and relax from now on and use common sense

Today, I went back into work for some more overtime for a few hours and it was tough because a lot of people were off for the day but luckily, time flew by and my shift came to an end and Emma came to pick me up from work so we went for a walk about town before going home for lunch. I had a think about our pledge to give up something for Lent this year, usually I don’t do anything for Lent but since Emma was doing something, I decided to give it a go and try and give up something for Lent as well

Are you doing Lent? What did you give up?

Emma’s Lent:16 Days (Chocolate)

Matt’s Lent: 16 Days (I’d prefer to not say)

I’m often told to not worry as much and relax but I guess sometimes…I struggle to do that because I always think of the negatives in most things and not the positives…which isn’t good is it? I’ll try and look at things in a more positive light from here on out, life’s meant for enjoying, not constantly fearing the worst every day

I think tonight, I’ll have a relaxing bath and play on my PS4 to cheer myself up…Emma finishes work soon so I’ll need to pick her up shortly before she writes her blog as well…get ready America! The sun’s setting here and it’s getting windy, the weather’s indecisive again…wonderful

Until next time, keep it real


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