It’s a tough old world out there isn’t it world? Economies are rough, bills keep going up, jobs are hard to come by and less of us are having sex each year (looking at you Japan) sounds depressing doesn’t it? I mean with everything going up all the time, how can one really expect to live a decent lifestyle after moving out of their parents house for the first time. Ever since I have moved out of my parents house to live with my fiance, I’ve had to cut back on what I would be used to purchasing often such as console games, cards and books, bills and shopping take priority to be fair and Emma has been struggling to not go out all the time and buy new clothes all the time (I’ve told her that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal but she always struggles to understand) To be fair, we do have a wedding and a honeymoon to pay for next year as well so I think I’m in the right to tell her to be more careful with her money but we do occasionally argue about it (what couple doesn’t?) We both got jobs and slowly settled down to our new lives, me more so because I was the one who moved from my hometown to move in with Emma and have had to get used to not seeing my family as much anymore and paying to get the train home to see them every Sunday.

Point being is I have noticed how more serious I have taken money and how it is spent since having bills to pay for the first time, that and having a job where you have a set time to wake up on a certain day for your job (you really do appreciate those days that you get to have a lie in) it can all be a lot to take in at once, especially if you have just finished University a couple of months prior…like leaving one world and being thrown into another so quickly. Money is so valuable to me at the moment in order to keep the household going, especially since Emma wants an expensive wedding and in a couple of years, a baby…a big expensive step if you ask me and should only be approached when we are both ready but she works at a school so It’s kind of difficult when she looks after children

So many things to purchase and pay for but needing to save up for a long time can be quite tricky at times and needing help from other sources like family and friends. I have a mate who wants to move out of his Mums and live with his girlfriend but he just left his job (working at a call center) and is looking for a new job and another mate who does live by himself and he struggles to have heating on in his house…he doesn’t have central heating so it’s always cold there. Many people I know can’t afford to leave there parents house anymore, it’s too expensive and they can’t find jobs to afford it.

I mean, I want to go to Japan (lifelong dream) but realise that I will have to save up if I ever want to get over there…very expensive (isn’t everything?) all this to just not live with your parents (sounds extreme to me) I mean paying bills for heating, food, water, electricity and council tax…when you used to get all of that for free, damn that Independence! I mean, we should all annoy our parents by moving back in (ruin that little party that you know they have after you’ve moved out by coming back and saying ‘I’m going to live here forever and ever so make my dinner!’ (I’m joking, it’d be torture for us just as much as it would for them)


Sucks don’t it, you get to that position where you realise that everything is going to be a struggle, you have to be careful with how much shopping you buy…looking for bargains and sales constantly. even going to cheaper stores and avoiding the big brand stores like the plague unless you have a butt load of vouchers for them. As for jobs, personally, I have never had to go to a Job Centre and I have a job, I feel lucky for that because I know it’s tough out there and no one can just walk into a high paying job just like that…this ain’t a fantasy world people! we all wish that it was and that everything would always go smoothly as we plan it to be…If I had everything that I wanted, I’d never have to work another day in my life as I’d be a successful author with a book series as popular as Harry Potter (One can dream) even going as far as Shakespeare…but no one will ever be more popular then him for what he has done for Literature…say what you will but it’s fact (I bet Shakespeare would never have to worry about bills, I mean the guy gave his wife there bed in his will…it must have been a darn good bed people)

Better get to the Job Centre


I have known friends who have had to rely on benefits for a short time and they felt bad about it (they hated every single minute of it) yet there are people who love being on benefits and feel like they shouldn’t go and look for a job, rather instead they’ll sit at home and bad mouth the government and monarchy…because that will make your lives much better…Benefits Street…shudder…makes me sick that show, how people just complain all the time about how unfair life is…we all have to go through it!

Via the Independant


But in these kind of times, it’s important to try and remain positive that things will get better if you work for it and try your best each and every day and you can live the life that you want within reason (forget that mansion you had planned…unless you win the lottery…and remember that things won’t be tough forever…one day things will get better if you remain positive and believe (sounds cheesy but it works) always apply for jobs, save your money and always be happy because there’s more to life then money, there has to be…right?

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