It’s the last day of the week, Sunday and it’s a lovely sunny day in the North of England today, a tad windy but that doesn’t matter because I slept in for the first time in a week! I woke up at 7am but managed to fall back asleep and when I properly woke up, it was 11:04 am which would be ok on most days but today, I was going to visit my parents and my train was in less then an hour! it was a mad dash to the station with my morning coffee in a flask, prepared by Emma (The Drama Queen) what a rush it was to speed walk all the way, sipping boiling hot coffee (It was a miracle I didn’t burn my tongue!) but I made it on time and as the train departed, I saw a couple dash up the ramp way and miss the train as it pulled out of the platform, needless to say, I heard chuckles from the seat behind me as passengers found it hilarious to see the couple throw a tantrum on the platform (to be fair, they don’t do many trains on a Sunday so they were kinda of screwed!, especially if they had just bought a ticket)

I love Sundays, there a great day to just chill out and relax with people you care about

  • Family
  • Friends
  • ETC

And a lot of the time, The Premier League is on so there’s always some good football about on TV. Emma stayed at home today and cleaned up apparently, she was going to go and see her family but I think she changed her mind and relaxed playing Sims all day (bless) anyway, my train was delayed on route due to sheep being on the train tracks (That’s Yorkshire for you) We were in the middle of the countryside and sheep were playing Chicken on the train tracks which I would not recommend for any human or animal to try! I missed breakfast this morning so a Bacon and Egg sandwich was heaven for me to have for Brunch today and to listen to my family natter on about life that was happening in the town that I had moved out of…it’s always good to have a catch up and reminisce from time to time.

I watched some football as my parents did some paper work (well one did, the other just played Solitaire on the computer) just casual family time which I cherish. Before long, the evening had arrived and it was time to go back home which I did on the train and I almost gave the Ticket Man the wrong ticket which was embarrassing but I found the correct one and as I got off back home, I entered through the front door and caught Emma by surprise as she had asked me to enter through the back door as she had previously asked me to help bring in the washing off the laundry line but I had food made by my Mum to put in the freezer (Emma was annoyed that I didn’t do my chore straight away) I mean, I know it’s International Women’s Day today but I ain’t your servant, I’ll do the chore in a minute, I just got in! ha ha.

Back to work tomorrow so I need a good night’s sleep before it;s back into the real world, getting up early, going to work and coming home…it’s true what they say, school really is the best time of your life so cherish it always and make the best out of it while it lasts, if your reading this and your still in education, LISTEN! enjoy every second you have there because once you finish, you’ll be paying bills, working all day and you won’t have as much time to do the things you love to do right now! it’s all a part of life that we all take a part in.

Anyway, see you all next time


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