Today has actually been a good day and it’s a MONDAY as well…I know, I’m surprised as well…Monday came through for once, it was one of the best days in a while…am I in a dream or something world?? normally, I hate Mondays, they suck so much and I can’t do anything but complain about how unlucky I seem to be on this day but NOT TODAY, I was starting to think that I had somehow slept through Monday and that it was Tuesday but no, It’s Monday!

I am going to have a week of work so that’s awesome, a whole week where I can sleep in, FINALLY, I miss my bed in the morning and always get jealous when Emma can stay in it past 8 every day…now I can relax while she goes to work every afternoon, BWAHAHAHA! I have so many things I want to get done in this time, write some stories, see some mates and finish my study off! so much to do and not a lot of time to get it all done, wow I feel so full of energy right now! it’s amazing to feel like this and I haven’t had a can of Red Bull!

I’m sorry if I sound excited tonight but I just finished watching the Arsenal/Manchester United FA Cup Quarter Final game and my team was VICTORIOUS! I’ve waited for so long for this moment to happen and it was worth the wait. To win against that one team…It was beautiful! A week of work and my team is in the Semi Final! what a day and WHAT A RUSH!

Manchester United were soundly defeated at Old Trafford by Arsenal of all teams and I couldn’t be happier that this miracle has happened tonight! I’m ecstatic that we are going back to Wembley at long last…a year after last time but still, it’s going to be great as we drew either Bradford or Reading in the Semi Finals but that does not guarantee us a place in the Final although you can’t deny that Arsenal are now favorites to be in the Final!

Needless to say, I think he gets carried away but who cares, ARSENAL WON!


I hope everyone is great wherever you live in the world! I hope that we are all having a good Monday as well!

Until next time

Keep it real!

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