Today’s relaxing start was great for me as Emma got up bright and early to get her nails done (oh, so she can get up early for nails!) and I was able to have a sleep in for once which was awesome (you know that feeling when you wake up and it’s still dark out) a great feeling indeed. I eventually got up and had some breakfast before I started to watch the weekly edition of WWE Raw , Read here-WWE Raw is Potatoes

Since that took all morning, I spent it on the settee, well I was relaxing today (I think I’ve earned it) and it took all morning for Emma to get her hand and feet nails done so I wasn’t disturbed at all which was great. I then spent my afternoon on my PS4 on Fifa 15 where I manage Everton FC, since they got taken over by a rich owner and I can get all the players that I want. As Emma went to work, I set about writing my review for Raw which is linked to this blog if you want to read it (If your a WWE Fan, you might be interested in it) After that I thought up ideas for a story that I want to write up on here (You’ll see them soon) it is going to be fun to do it, I want to be a writer so if you have a read in the future and like them at all then feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Afterwards, I went to pick Emma up from her work and we were going to pick up Easter eggs from the supermarket but I forgot to bring her bag so we went back home and had our dinner which was Gammon, Egg and Chips and I had some vegetables as well (got to have something healthy) we then went to the store and got each other an Easter Egg each (even though Emma isn’t eating chocolate until the end of Lent…she’s halfway there people, I hope she can make it) My girlfriend loves her Crime documentaries and watches them an awful lot (worries me sometimes) a lot of murder stories and stuff (most of it’s based in America) but it makes her happy so I can’t really complain about it.

The future looks bright from here on out, a week of work, a meeting to discuss our wedding is coming up soon and it’s almost Easter time so plenty of chocolate for everybody! I’m still so happy about Arsenal’s win yesterday and I hope we go on to retain the F.A Cup, that would be great. I think I’ll get back into my old jogging routine and fit it around work so I can stay fit and healthy for the future (I have Wii Fit but want to get outside and exercise as well) apart from that, my friend Jake has a job trial later this week so I hope he does his best and gets the job, he deserves it after all.

It’s been another good day in Yorkshire so until next time

Keep it real


P.S Bring back Jeremy Clarkson!

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