Game 1- Crystal Palace vs QPR


A London Derby that looks set to be a very good game with QPR sitting in 18th place and they need to start winning if they want any hope of remaining in the Premier League where a loss for Crystal Palace would force them to look over there shoulders towards the bottom but a win will give them plenty of breathing space. Both teams will give their all today and that’s why I think it will be a very close game that will end in a tie that will benefit Palace a lot more then QPR.

My Prediction- Draw (1-1)


Game 2- Arsenal vs West Ham

I will not be biased because I’m an Arsenal fan, I will be honest and fair. Arsenal have a few injury problems and are 3rd in the table whereas West Ham are 10th and seem to have been on an never ending since since Christmas. Since the game is at the Emirates and Arsenal are riding off the shock victory over Manchester United last Monday, I have to go and say that Arsenal will defeat West Ham today, I also say this because the Gunners defeated West Ham at Upton Park when they were in good form but I wouldn’t be surprised if West Ham put up a heck of a fight and forced a draw either.

My Prediction- Win for Arsenal (2-1)


Game 3- Leicester City vs Hull City A.F.C

This is a tough one for me to call as both teams have disappointed me so far this season, well Leicester’s win over Man U was one of the league’s highlights this season but they seemed to slip away after that. However, I have to believe that experience could win the game today and since out of the two, Hull have 9 more points so I would have to believe that Hull will get the 3 points today but deep down, I want Leicester to win, I like the team and I was happy when the Foxes came back into the Premier League but unfortunately, I just don’t see them surviving but I hope I am proven wrong!

My Prediction- Win for Hull (2-0)


Game 4- Aston Villa vs Sunderland

Could the Premier League really be without Aston Villa next season? the same question was asked a few years ago when Newcastle were in the same position and what happened? the Toon Army spent a season in the Championship before returning to the Premier League and there was Leeds in 2004 who also went down, only to so far not return. I think today is very important for the Villains to pull out a win because if they win, I will believe that they will still be about next season but the problem today is, they are facing another team who is very close to the pit of relegation, Sunderland and the difference between the two is that Sunderland is used to being down here and they know how to survive and I believe that will be the difference maker today so because of that, I will go for a Black Cat win today.

My Prediction (Win for Sunderland 1-0)


Game 5- West Brom vs Stoke

Both are very good teams which will make a very entertaining game for the fans today and I an a keen admirer of Tony Pulis for what he has done at every club he’s been at…including Stoke where he spent 7 yrs there. West Brom will be looking to bounce back after a 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa in the F.A Cup last week so I will go for a Baggie Win this afternoon but it’s never easy to beat the Potters so it’ll be a hard, closely fought contest.

My Prediction- Win for West Brom (3-2)


Game 6- Burnley vs Manchester City

City are chasing the leaders of the pack Chelsea but also have the daunting task of facing Barcelona next week which is a must win if they want to progress in the Champions League whereas Burnley need a win for a chance to survive in the Premier League. The game is at Turf Moor, Burnley’s ground and they are a good team, one that City, can’t afford to take lightly, especially since we all know what happened last time the two sides met, a 2-2 draw which I think could happen again today, it’s very possible as I think City will be too occupied with the game they have on Wednesday.

My Prediction- Draw- (1-1)

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