There’s just one thing I don’t understand about some Americans (Not all) but I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on American Teens trying other countries sweets and cuisines and 9/10 you insult the hell out of them all, making them sound inferior to your sweets and food (which I’ve tried by the way) and its fine to have your own opinion but to go out of your way to make insult British Sweets, Canadian Food, German Cuisine etc online is a bit much. It makes your kids look like brats that need a time out, they go out and buy a bunch of sweets, try them and then complain that there disgusting or their too small and whatever (I tried to eat a meal in America, your portions were too much, an appetizer was like a meal for me) and I’m not being bitter because you insulted British Food (I don’t like some of the stuff we have) but I don’t go this far and whine like little babies in YouTube videos about it.

You are able to slander other countries sweets, saying that you don’t like them for whatever reason you can come up with but when someone from Britain, Canada, Australia or Japan says that they don’t like any American sweets, you all lose the plot and get abusive on YouTube…Hey guess what, I think Hershey Is overrated, am I going to get slandered now?! That’s what my problem is today, you can dish insults but can’t take them! News flash America, your not the bees knees…there are many other nations out there apart from yours and yes YOUR the newest kids on the block, nations get strong, come and go and always will but as always eventually wither away and someone else is the big dog, it happened to the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, it happened to the Spanish, It happened to the French, Germans and British and it WILL happen to you then the next nation and so on and so forth for all time! it’s a part of life but that doesn’t mean America will lose any of it’s pride or place in World Affairs, it’s just irritating when you see people online insult the world, saying you suck compared to America, yet when we say something about America, it’s abuse time online!

I guess all I’m saying is, if you can’t take it, don’t give it! Humor is one thing but theres a limit.

You really don’t get why other countries have a problem with you when you make videos insulting their cuisines?! REALLY

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