1. Pack plenty of Red Bull– If your a student, the chances are that you will eventually end up with a ton of assignments, all due in around the same time so you may need to do an all nighter or two as you’ve probably either left it to the last week again (too busy going out to the clubs) or your the kind of student who likes to re edit there work again and again until deadline day (you hard worker you) and chances are, you may lose some sleep or more likely, fall asleep as you do your work late into the night but help can be at hand, especially for a student like you, it’s called an energy drink…cheap (if bought in big packs) and effective at getting those energy levels up to hyper mode (worry about the after effects later on)


  • Spend time in the Library- 


Relax, it isn’t a safe haven for the nerds and lonely people on your campus, it could be a miracle place that gets you that high mark you’ve been after, let me explain- I had noisy neighbours in my flat, they’d play loud music at all hours and I couldn’t concentrate at all so every night, I went to the Library and quite often, it would only have a few people in so it was quiet, perfect for concentration and it also has all the books and other vital pieces of information that you need so it’s a win- win…as long as your quite close to your library and don’t live miles away from your campus, otherwise…buy headphones

I had a Drama Script to write from scratch for my Final Year Project and I wrote it out 6 times in 5 months, that’s 100,000’s each time from scratch and I got a very good mark for it, it required many late nights at the Library to do that but it was worth it.

  •  Join a Society- 


Don’t be a stick in the mud, you just spent a ton of money to come here and live in a cramped building with a lot of drunken students who haven’t heard of sleep! so you might as well go out and join a club with people who enjoy the same hobbies as you do. I saw all kinds of societies so there will more than likely be something for everybody there- from Horse Riding, Jiu Jitsu, Medieval Warfare, Pole Dancing to My Little Pony Society, so no excuses, if a nervous wreck like me can join one and benefit from it then you can!

Visit Home Every Now And Again

  • If your lucky enough to only be a couple of hours from home or have access to  a major railway line that goes all over the place or your rich then you can go home a couple of times a month or once a term and let your parents see you in the flesh (convincing them that you haven’t died) it can be good for you to return to your hometown and see your friends and family for a day or two, leave your work in your dorm and catch a breather, recharge your batteries, it can do wonders and you can return to University with a refreshed mind and if your lucky, some shopping and money of your ever loving parents (depends what sob story you give them, if you do that kind of thing) 

Actually Do The Work

  • Well why else did you decide to come to University? to just go to all the big clubs in a city and spend all of your money getting drunk? sleep with many people? No, you came here because you want a degree (a very expensive piece of paper that says you did well) so you should get down and do your assignments when you are told to do them, not do what probably more than 75% of the student population do and leave it until the last week, wing it and hope for the best.
  • I saw too many people just go to University to party and then complain later on that University was being too unfair to them with their grades (Just to think, that place could have gone to someone who actually wanted to be there to earn a degree!)

Good Luck Everyone

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