I met a many of University Students during my time and I lived in halls for all 3 years so I know what I’m talking about when I say this. I came across all Five of these students at least a few times each, all very common. Here we go.

Number One

The Noisy One– This kind of student is almost impossible to avoid I’m afraid so if your the kind of student that likes to have some peace and quiet on a day off from class or need to seriously get some work done, be prepared to have your eardrums blown apart by your noisy neighbour who listens to his music so loud all day, everyday that you think their death or if they aren’t, you question how they aren’t death and that they must have the ears of gods!


No matter how many times you politely ask them to turn their music down, they always seem to ‘forget’ this and the next night, it’s back up to full volume, so loud that it vibrates your walls and makes your bed rock side to side, you may think theres an earthquake quite often.

Number Two

Young student couple

The Couple – This one is almost guaranteed to occur at some point during your year in halls. Two of your flatmates will likely get together and spent every waking moment of your day holding hands, spending a lot of time in the kitchen/living room together and having sex in their room at late hours or in fact during the day and you can clearly hear them and it’s always awkward when you walk past them at any time in the day because you know what they’ve been up too and you also know that at some point, they could have a fight and break up which makes life in the flat even more awkward and unbearable (although I may have been guilty of this one…my girlfriend came down to visit but I’m sure people heard us)

Number Three

The Messy One- 


Although a majority of students are guilty of this, there is always one that stands out from the rest and is the main cause of that pile of maggots in your favorite cup and all over the sink…because they as per usual ‘forgot’ to take the rubbish out of the bin and the rubbish has piled up to the point that you have a heap pile on the ground next to the bin, the place is almost uninhabitable but still, they never do anything about it (leaving it to you) You wonder if they live like this at home as you enter there name into your ‘enemy for life list’ in the journal you more than likely have stored in your room.

Number Four


The Bossy One- Usually you get a ringleader who barks out all of the orders the entire time you live there, occasionally leaving notes in the kitchen if something hasn’t been done (because talking to that person ‘face’ to ‘face’ isn’t an option…coward) The first to always complain if you haven’t washed your dishes up or if you happen to make a bit of noise (even though they do it) Basically you either do what they ask you to do or risk having to dive into your kitchen when everyone else in the flat is out as they’ll clearly turn on you, people like this are good at persuading others that your a waste of space and a terrible flatmate that never pulls their weight so be careful with this one, you should be able to see this kind of flatmate emerge early on, they like to be the center of attention (It might be you) 

Number Five

maxresdefault (1)

The One You Never See- There is always one. Each year I spent in Halls, there was always one that barely ever left their room…if only to get food from the kitchen before they return to their lair, you discover that Batman is your flatmate! it’s the only explanation as you think ‘How can anyone spend so much time in their room?’ But you’d be surprised and it annoys you as weird things may happen that can’t be explained at first, until you remember that another flatmate lives here, you just never see or hear from him and the rare occasion you do see them, they don’t say much, where do they find these people? you might ask yourself

All common, all people that you are likely to come across at some point during your University Life


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