Vince: Ok guys, are the fireworks ordered for Roman Reign’s title celebration at Wrestlemania?

Triple H: Yes Vince but I think that we need to have a talk about Roman Reigns and the position that we’ve put him in

Vince: Go ahead, tell me what’s on your mind Hunter

Triple H: Well…it’s just that Reigns isn’t really winning over the crowds…the boos are still louder than the cheers and Wrestlemania is just over a week away!

Vince: And what’s your point?

Triple H: Well at the rate things are going, our main event will be the most booed one in the history of wrestling, I mean It’s been made obvious that Brock Lesnar hasn’t signed a new contract yet and that he could leave soon so 9 out of 10 fans predict Reigns to win the Championship

Vince: Calm down Hunter, give the man time and he’ll win the Universe over!

Triple H: See, I’m not so sure about that…do you really think that after having Lesnar beat the Undefeated Streak of the Undertaker’s, taking multiple AA’S from John Cena, speared through a barricade, driven through a table by Seth Rollins which broke a rib and the man still dominated is going down to a superman punch and a spear? You can probably understand why many fans might have a problem with this, right?

Vince: Nope, it’s the WWE dammit and anything can happen!

Triple H (sighs) But it just sounds so unrealistic, this man beat the life out of a living legend The Undertaker, dominated John Cena, made Big Show look like Spike Dudley and has been booked to be the most dominate force we’ve seen in years, yet the one thing that can stop him is a simple spear?? Who will think that’s real, not even a five year old in my opinion!

Vince: You just don’t understand the business of it all Hunter. sure Reigns is a little rusty but look at him, he has everything that we need for the future, looks, talent and-

Triple H: A move set more predictable than John Cena’s!

Vince: At Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns will overcome the odds and stun the crowd, people will cheer and a new star will be born, I can see the merchandise sales already ”Roman Empire” and ”Spear, Spear!”

Triple H: (Rolls eyes) How are the negotiations with Brock Lesnar going?

Vince: Not good I’m afraid, he won’t back down on his demands!

Triple H: Tell me, just what are his demands?

Vince: Perhaps it would be easier if Brock told you himself

Triple H: Ok…then

Vince: Send in Brock Lesnar please

(Enters Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman)

Triple H: Welcome gentlemen, I’m glad you could make it

Paul H: Thank you but let’s get down to business…As you know Dana White has invited Brock out to watch Cats the Musical tonight, we all know how much he likes a cougar.

Triple H: Yes, we both have busy schedules so let’s cut to the chase! I want you Brock, not Paul to tell me what your demands are that are preventing you from signing a new contract

Brock Lesnar: Do you really want to know Hunter?

Triple H: Please, If you wouldn’t mind

Brock Lesnar: You sure?

Triple H: Dead sure!

Brock Lesnar: I want….

Vince: Yes?

Triple H: Go on?!

Paul Heyman: It’s ok Brock, tell them your demands!

Brock Lesnar: TWINKIES!!!

Triple H: Excuse me?

Vince: He wants all the Twinkies

Brock Lesnar: All the Twinkies, THEY BELONG TO THE BEAST!

Triple H: You can’t be serious?!

Paul Heyman: BRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK LESNAR….is always very serious Triple H and I think that if you want to save the WWE from any further embarrassment then I suggest you get what Brock wants and he’ll happily sign the contract

Vince: What do you mean, Roman Reigns is the next big thing!

(Paul Heyman falls to the floor, bursting in laughter)

Paul Heyman: Hilarious Vince!

Triple H: I do that every night when I get home, so does Steph actually!

Vince: This is insane, Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble match dammit!

Paul Heyman: yeah thanks for reminding us about that shambles of a match Vince!

Brock Lesnar: I also want a match against The Rock at Wrestlemania 32!

Triple H: Well that shouldn’t be hard to sort out, wel just-

Vince: no need, he’ll be facing Rusev at Wrestlemania 32

Brock Lesnar: who?

Triple H: Why??

Vince: Because…they had an altercation that one time, I’m sure the fans will still remember it perfectly a year from now.

Triple H: Really, that’s the only reason you’d have them fight at Wrestlemania??

Paul Heyman: Excuse me but if Brock does happen to sign a new contract, who pray would he be wrestling at Wrestlemania 32

Vince: The Under-

Paul Heyman: Let me stop you right there Vince! That cannot be done, Wrestlemania 32 is in Texas dammit That’s The Undertaker’s yard and we all want Undertaker vs Sting, it’s what hardcore fans had craved and dreamt about for years, not your weird obsession with rematches!

Triple H: Brock vs Rock would be a rematch?

Paul Heyman: I tried telling Brock that?!

Vince: Look dammit, if Brock won’t fight The Undertaker again then It’s either Rusev or Sheamus…I want the Title in WWE at all times, not randomly popping up every couple of months or so, that belt defines what it is to be a WWE Superstar, it’s what every wrestler strives to be, WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Paul Heyman:…Randy Orton? The Viper vs The Beast?

Triple H:…Actually that sounds good.

Paul Heyman: Cesaro? Can the Swiss Superman swing the Beast?

Triple H: I like that idea as well

Vince: Neither will work….the Fans won’t want to see either of those matches!

Paul Heyman: BRAY WYATT!

Triple H: CESARO!

Vince: RUSEV!

Brock Lesnar: TWINKIES!

Vince: That’s it! No one is going anywhere until we sort this out!

(A knock on the door- Triple H opens the door and finds John Cena stood outside the office)

Triple H: What do you want Cena?

John Cena: Just waiting for you guys to screw up with Reigns and then come crawling to me to be champion, I’ll give it until Summerslam, see you later (Cena winks and walks away) 


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