I gave clubbing a go when I was a University Student and I saw so many things that opened my eyes to what people open themselves up to, how easy it would be for someone to take advantage of someone vulnerable, it disgusted me and these are just some of the things that I would advise anyone in the world who goes out clubbing in order to be safe and have a good night out, it’s just my opinions.

  • Be alone- Not a smart thing to do but I saw it on a many occasions, drunk people wandering about all by themselves in the middle of the night ( a few I saw getting thrown out of taxis and wandering about town without a clue, it baffled me) One time I ended up chasing a squirrel through some woods during my first year of University, which can be read here An Alien at University Part 2 as part of my University Series


Point being, I was for a few moments all alone in the middle of woods, the nearest town was miles away, If I was more drunk then I was, who knows what could have happened…where I could have ended up, I was lucky to have friends that looked out for me that night and made sure that I got back to my room safely so it’s always better to go out clubbing in a group with friends that you trust and it’s more fun as well.

  • Go off with a stranger- I know that quite often that people on nights out can often end up having ‘One Night Stands’ or even meet someone who could become a future partner (things happen) but would you simply go off with someone that you don’t know anything about? doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? I mean, what if something were to happen to you, I guess all I’m saying is that your more likely to be vulnerable when you are drunk then when your sober. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing, ”Everyone has at least one night out sleeping with a stranger at University!” so if everyone decided to jump off a cliff, you’d do it? Be safe and stay with people that you know and trust when drunk.
  • Drink even more!- Your Drunk, surely your goal has been accomplished, your dizzy on your feet and you feel like you want to throw up so why on earth would you buy more drinks? Me myself am quite a lightweight and can only drink four at the very most before I’m almost off my feet yet I have before still bought more drinks and always regretted it. I’d wake up with a hangover, the room spinning and a toilet full of whatever I ate the previous night (one time, I discovered I’d gone for a burger with tomatoes and onions (I can’t stand either of these things) The human body can only take so much punishment so perhaps restrain yourself at some stage of the night and think about the next day
  • Mix your drinks- One thing that I noticed during my times at University was that mixing my drinks made me drunker even quicker. Jagerbombs, Spirits, Mixers, various bottles of all sorts etc. It’s easy to mix because their are normally so many cheap deals for students so it all depends on willpower but it’s not the best thing to do if you want to have a long night out
  • Think your indestructible- ‘It won’t happen to you, right?’ you’ll go out, drink as much as you like and nothing bad will happen to you, well I didn’t know you were psychic! congratulations for having such great powers, you don’t need to worry about being robbed, raped, kidnapped or anything like that right? Because things like that rarely ever happen but I’m sure every victim of rape or assault on a night out thought the same thing but YOU CAN NEVER GO OUT THINKING THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE! Take precautions by having a phone with numbers that you can call in an emergency, let people know where you are, be with friends, don’t get too drunk and get home safely, take a taxi if need be! it’s better to be a little sensible and get home alive then be arrogant and have something devastating happen!


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