Team work is not my strong point, I would always try to avoid it if it’s possible, I get too nervous when it comes to working with other people. I prefer to work by myself so I can make all the decisions to my work and not have anyone else influence a decision and such, that’s all. With teamwork, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with someone who won’t put in as much work and your grade will slip because of their laziness which is unfair because you’ve worked hard but they couldn’t be bothered because going out clubbing was too important to them to get their lazy arses out of their beds during the day to do some WORK!

I start off this part with that because I had come to the time of my University Life when we had to do a…group assignment and If I had to admit to a weakness then it would be group work, I don’t know why but I feel that I always do much better when I’m in charge of what I do my work about, that and I’m terrible at asking people if I can do my work with them (mainly because I think they’ll tell me to get lost because they think their much better then me) but anyway it was Year One and all I needed was a 40% to pass so I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get a great mark in this but it was coming up towards the end of the first term so I wanted to finish well and not have to work twice as hard to bring my marks back up in Term 2


It feels weird when you always feel as if the world is against you, that no one would be willing to give you chance because your mind has already decided that no one would ever give you a chance because you are different to them so don’t even bother. My head thought this so many times during my University Life, it held me back so much and left me with a bit of regret in some ways. I would as what if questions like ‘What if I was braver?’What if I could go and make a ton of friends like everyone else does?’ It was then that I knew that I had a very negative mindset, I would always think of the negative and never the positive.

Lectures, seminars and such, I was too scared to really talk that much and I could tell that the others knew this, the looks on faces said it all, I had waited too long to try and come out of my shell and that had made me feel isolated, like a small Scottish island off the coast, all alone and barely visible, that was how I felt. I hated feeling so small compared to everyone else, they were all so talented and had years of experience when it came to going out clubbing and such, I had decided to skip that because…I don’t really like drinking or smoking…I don’t do any of them to be honest and that’s my choice but it can come at a price.

Anyway, regarding the group work assignment, it was pretty much a disaster, I believe that we barely passed but the lack of enthusiasm from the group was painful, embarrassing really…not from everyone in the group as some tried really hard and I knew them as hard workers through the rest of the course but this was one assignment that I was delighted to move on from and go back to doing my own work, only would I later find out that I would have to be put in another group assignment in Term 2 but that comes later.

I was then sent an email referring to a writing competition and I thought ‘Why not?’ so I began to think of a story to write regarding ‘Perfection’ which I struggled with slightly as I did not believe that anything could be truly perfect, everything had a flaw of some sort but I then read that the book with all the winners stories in was to be called ‘Objection to Perfection’ so I decided to write a story about a side of University Life that is not discussed that much, not the side where everyone goes clubbing and has a great time partying for three years making friends that they’ll have for life….I went for the other side of the coin and wrote a story about the ones that struggle to make friends and have a hard time adjusting to University Life. At that time of the year, I still felt somewhat left out and scared to socialize on a daily basis so I thought I could write a good story about it, I had motivation after all, so why not?

Year One was a constant battle for survival and if I had to choose a number out of 10 for how well I felt that I was doing, It would have to be a 5, I was hanging on but only just.

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