It’s that week of the year all WWE fans get a little excited, even though deep down they fear being left disappointed by the outcome expected by the end of the week (We all know it’s coming) Roman Reigns will more than likely be the WWE World heavyweight Champion by the end of the show although rumors have been flying about that Brock Lesnar may perhaps retain, this could be down to the reception that Reigns has received from the fans ever since he won the Royal Rumble (Nothing to write home about) a clear sign that fans aren’t just going to sit back and let WWE put a wrestler on top and force them to accept it. If Lesnar does retain (Although unlikely) Then surely it must be utterly humiliating for Vince McMahon as this would make it 2 years in a row that the guy he wanted to win in the Main Event has had to be altered die to the negativity and boos that were produced in Two Royal Rumble Matches in a row, the fans voiced their displeasure and changes and to be made, Daniel Bryan was placed into the Main Event and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


But I have one problem if Brock Lesnar retains, a rather important one and it’s this man


What about Seth Rollins and his Money In The Bank Contract…let’s face it, Lesnar isn’t likely to suddenly start appearing on a weekly basis if he signs a new contract so if he wins at Wrestlemania, when would he reappear? Well normally he wrestles at Extreme Rules then disappears until the Summerslam build up later in the year which would be too late for Rollins to cash in So unless a cash in happens at Wrestlemania, The Raw the night after or Extreme Rules then I have no idea how Rollins will cash in, unless it is Roman Reigns that defeats Brock Lesnar (which the fans will not accept unless he delivers like 7 to 10 spears, (IT CAN’T BE ONE! WWE, PLEASE, FOR ONCE IN YOUR PROFESSION, DON’T BE STUPID!!) If he is to win then at least make it realistic, not this fantasy rubbish you put on your top guys like them being invincible and never losing cleanly, YOUR NOT DISNEY!!  for me, Rollins winning the Championship is the best outcome to save the Main Event with Lesnar retaining a close second but i just don’t see Reigns winning being a popular decision for the future of the company mainly because you ruined his character. You made him sound a lot more of a star than he actually was, the fans all knew that Rollins and Ambrose were the real stand outs of NXT but then again, Vince ignores NXT so why aren’t I shocked that he’d come up with that slogan about Reigns!

As for the rest of the card, Bryan and Cena challenging for mid card championships might be a cool idea but I’ve heard that for the Intercontinental Championship Ladder match, Sheamus could cost Bryan the match and win it himself…becoming a Heel…as all well and good Sheamus being a heel will be, don’t ruin the Ladder Match with Sheamus! I don’t care how close he is with Triple H, that shouldn’t influence anything! do you enjoy kicking the stars that the fans ACTUALLY LIKE?! It blows the mind how stupid you can be sometimes WWE, its almost as if you DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT THE FANS WANT TO SEE! 


I know right? Just toss Sheamus into the Battle Royal and have him turn heel on Raw the next night by destroying Daniel Bryan or even John Cena but not at Wrestlemania! Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt, personally I can’t see what a win by Undertaker will accomplish, apart from a nostalgia feeling but a win for Wyatt would be amazing, would actually show that you want your stars that wrestle each and every week to do well, rather than your obsession with part timers…you have a big obsession with them…quite unhealthy WWE, although Undertaker is an exception, so would be The Rock or Stone Cold, they earned that right!

Battle Royal, don’t care who wins really…you could have Kane or Big Show win and I’d be happy….mainly because the match was over, heck Erik Rowan or Ryback could win and I’d be somewhat happy…although Ryback in my opinion needs work…as does Rowan, why should I have cared that they got fired again??

Sting over HHH or I have no idea why a guy that was injured during the WCW Invasion of WWE is even in the match, should have been Undertaker…but hey….HHH needs his ego feeding at somepoint.

As for the Divas Match….if the Bellas win that then all of you executives…writers and Vince can just get out….go on, I’ll hold the door open for you as you don’t have a clue what your doing and your turning WWE into a laughing stock that only children that still hold their mothers hands take seriously anymore, therefore your program would be a former shell of itself. Anti Bullying yet the Bellas who are bullies are pushed as the Top Divas (What a joke!) 

Ok guys, here’s hoping that Wrestlemania can prove me wrong and I think it’s worth every penny, if your going out to the show then I hope you enjoy yourself…wonder if you’ll be booing come Sunday night?

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