If you’re a WWE fan then you” have heard by now that the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has signed a new contract to stay with WWE! it sounds like wonderful news if you’re a vivid wrestling fan but then again, is it?

Hear me out, I know I have abused and never said anything good about Lesnar’s opponent Roman Reigns


But does Lesnar signing a new contract mean that he could possibly retain at Wrestlemania? Has the WWE finally realized that Reigns is just not ready yet for the Championship? Not in this writer’s opinion, further from the truth, I think it’s all a part of a scheme by WWE and here are some facts that should be obvious to you all

  • Lesnar gets more cheers than Reigns
  • The majority of fans don’t think Reigns is ready yet
  • Reigns was heavily booed on Raw when he had the Championship
  • Did anyone else notice how Lesnar stared at Paul Heyman as he mentioned how Reigns would have to win the title?
  • Reigns…can’t…really wrestle
  • Reigns has been forced down our throats for months, something that no one likes!
  • Paul Heyman has been calling Reigns ‘The Samoan Badass’!

But rumors have circled about Paul Heyman possibly turning his back on Brock Lesnar and siding with…Roman Reigns, a bit like Stone Cold siding with Vince…only nothing like it at all…are you kidding me? is this the future of WWE that we have to look forward too, who knows, maybe Michael Bay or George Lucas is a secret WWE Creative Writer!

What possible reason would Paul Heyman have for leaving the man who ended the Undefeated Streak of The Undertaker? dominated John Cena at Summerslam and The Royal Rumble for….Roman Reigns, it’s like abandoning Real Madrid to manage Hartlepool FC! pure madness yet there is a chance that it could happen!

And the reason why…because we boo Roman Reigns so why not turn him heel just like we did with Batista last year! JUST ACCEPT IT WWE, YOU GOT IT WRONG! and speaking of Reigns being a heel, what would that mean for Seth Rollins, can a heel cash in on another heel? True Lesnar technically is a heel but people would still cheer for Rollins if he cashed in against any of these two but if Roman Reigns suddenly becomes a heel and Lesnar disappears until Summerslam…who’s the main face going to be?


Look WWE, either Rollins or Lesnar leaves Wrestlemania the champion or you just prove that you really don’t care what the fans want, you stick up your middle finger and tell us where to go because I don’t know if you are aware of this but we don’t boo Reigns because we hate him , we boo him because you force him onto us, you’ve written his dialogue and character terribly and it’s bloody obvious that other stars who could be the future are much better to be facing Lesnar at Wrestlemania yet you shove them into the middle card because they aren’t main event material?! yet Reigns is??? what has this man done that has impressed you more than any match Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Rusev or hell, Zack Ryder have done! apart from a stupid Superman Punch, terrible yelp and a spear! THAT’S WHY WE BOO! do you really think you can save yourselves by turning Reigns heel? Are you really that stupid?! I’m starting to really believe that you are if you think this is a good idea!

You continue to write storylines that make NO SENSE at all, why did the Bellas suddenly get back together…NO EXPLANATION! And now Heyman could once again betray the most dominant force in WWE for a C+ player! that’s right Roman Reigns is C+ at best but as usual, Vince’s opinion of what a star should be ignores the real stars and just on the bulky muscle ones that show that WWE has an image problem!

Look for all we know, it could just be a rumor and Lesnar could actually retain or Reigns could win and remain a face (a better option than the heel thing) I’d regrettably rather have Reigns win by himself than Lesnar being betrayed by Paul Heyman because Heyman will never be able to convince the fans that switching from Lesnar to Roman Reigns was a good call…ever! Not in a million years.

Two years in a row we’ve had this now, TWO YEARS of terrible booking at The Royal Rumble! if Roman Reigns had won last year and Batista had won this year, I’d have been happier because we’d have Batista vs Brock Lesnar…still better than the match we have this Sunday! Reigns was good in the Shield but not by himself! the only way Roman Reigns being champion would be somewhat good is if The Shield reunite at Wrestlemania! that is the only way Vince that fans would likely cheer the guy the way you want us too!

More than likely, get prepared for a shower of boos but not for the reason that you want them Vince, because once again…you’ll have let the Fans down and theirs only so many times we can take disappointment before we tell you and your product where to go, DON’T POKE US AND NOT EXPECT US TO RESPOND FOREVER! We pay money to see your shows, cheer and boo stars but at the very least, we’d like to think you take us a little seriously…even to admit that you go this decision with Roman Reigns wrong!

What was it that CM Punk once said to you


My thoughts exactly!

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