An evening session of Monopoly, Wii Party and Mario Kart Wii is in order tonight with Emma and what a night it turned out to be. A great meal of Emma’s little creation of Chicken and Prawn wraps with Guacamole and Sour Cream as dips which was really amazing if I had to say, really filling! It’s been a really sunny day in the North of England today although I talked to someone who told me that she had passed through an area on a train that was covered in deep snow which was surprising, it hasn’t snowed in weeks?! apart from seeing that you can purchase ‘Easter Grass’ in supermarkets, no idea why you would but each to their own! After work, it was a little lunch out at Subway before Emma went off to work herself, it’s good to both be working and earning wages for the house and for the wedding next year.

Afterwards, we decided to fire up the old Nintendo Wii and play a game of Monopoly which usually gets competitive between the two of us and since we can both be sore losers at times, who knows if we’ll reach the end of a game without someone losing their temper and leaving the room. Alas, we were both beaten by a computer player who was cruel and ruthless, they bought up all the spaces and bled us dry so we moved on for a game of Wii Party on Game Island, Master difficulty but once again, a computer player beat us and I suggested Mario Kart Wii and we played the Star Cup, my favorite was Koopa Cape, mainly because of Emma being unable to get through the tunnel without difficulty, often falling off the track and eventually being overlapped by everyone, the constant cries of despair were almost funny enough to distract me from victory but did not.

  • Beaten by a computer player in all Three games, Emma pretty much became a sore loser and ended the night (bless) saying that it wasn’t fair…well on Mario Kart, her constant falling off the maps were getting beyond funny

I don’t know if anyone even still plays on the Wii anymore but we like a good evening of games together on it. Short but sweet tonight.

Until Next Time

The Daily Pick Me Up

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