I missed writing a blog yesterday, I had a lo going on so I apologize for that

Over the last week, we have had Jeremy Clarkson receive the sack from the BBC or in other terms, they are not renewing his contract so whether he walks before hand, that’s his call. Everyone has their say on this man but I find it funny how so many more open their voices when someone is gone


I probably don’t need to explain to the people who don’t live in Britain who this man is….I mean Top Gear is pretty much on all over the world so most of you should have seen his face  at least or heard about him. Anyway after an altercation and an assault, Jeremy Clarkson’s actions caused Top Gear to be taken off BBC before it’s latest series ended and caused many BBC viewers to threaten not paying TV Licences if Clarkson was sacked

I am a big Top Gear fan and yes Clarkson can be a knob and he pretty much brought his own downfall with his actions over the years…you can only get lucky so many times but that doesn’t stop me from being sad that a great show is likely going to come to a close…yes they say it will continue but if James May and Richard Hammond do indeed leave as well as Clarkson then the show is pretty much doomed as…who can you possibly get to replace these three and their chemistry? although, some people have taken to the internet to say that Clarkson had it coming and that they never liked him…funny how they only say it when he’s gone…but there you go, that’s how people work…But hey, I’ve heard he’s gotten a new job!

More big news around the world has to clearly be the plane crash over the French Alps where 150 people lost their lives and rumor has it that the co pilot called Andreas Lubitz may have deliberately crashed the plane which would make him the 7th biggest mass killer in the world! a travesty that has the makings of a horror story as the pilot that was locked out of the cockpit desperately bangs on the door as the plane descends. The black box told officials that Lubitz’s breathing was calm in the final moments…what could that mean? Intentional or had the man suffered from an attack that rendered him unable to pilot…we may never know the complete truth, we can only speculate and from what I can see all over the news and internet is that the world has made up it’s mind on the matter.


It would be a surprise if some people were starting to doubt the safety of flight, after all, in the past 2 years….a few incidents involving planes have dominated the news, from crashes to plain vanishing without a trace, if you were going on holiday and you were flying…I wouldn’t blame you if you were a little nervous but however this crash happened, whats important is that 150 innocent people lost their lives, in the care of a company who let this pilot fly in the first place

Also One Direction is now one band member short as Zayn Malik has called it quits from earning millions yearly and touring the planet…to be a boring, average…everyday 22yr old….yeah ok, that’s like the opposite of what most people want in live! some of you might get it but I don’t get at all, I’d rather tour the world, singing songs and having a legion of fans, rather than accepting that the best job I can get a 22 is either at a supermarket or a call center (depending on where you live) I’m just saying…why would X Factor exist if people didn’t want to be rich and famous? Anyway, good luck to the lad, you’ve done something that most people will never get close too in life so that’s an achievement in itself!

Anyway, that’s the main news from this week

Until Next Time


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