Hello everyone and welcome to The MattAttack! Wrestlemania Predictions

Before I start, I have noticed that one or two people may think that I’m a little…mean when it comes to my reviews of Monday Night Raw, constantly bad mouthing creative decisions and never really being so positive about much so from the bottom of my pen….if you can’t handle an opinion then go elsewhere, I ain’t holding back if I don’t like something, If you think I’m mean about WWE Raw then that’s up to you, If you agree with what I say, then again that’s up to you but I ain’t changing for anyone. It’s called the MattAttack! Not the butt kissing review where everything is amazing and just wonderful…wpuld you really believe me?


Let’s start off with the Andre The Giant Battle Royal Match and boy, this is a tough one to call, ain’t it? You have big men like Big Show, Kane (PUT THE MASK ON), Erik Rowan and Ryback in there, the veteran Goldust as well as the return of Sheamus, whether he is in this match is unclear as of right now but it would be a good moment to make his return. a quick match with Mizdow turning on Miz, Big Show and Kane turning on each other etc

Winner: Ryback 

What can I say, it’s time for the Big Guy to make a name for himself on the grand stage and catapult his career upwards, this is the match to do that so I will say that Ryback will be the victor in this one.


I am sticking by Daniel Bryan in this one to win the IC Championship but a small part of me thinks Sheamus may return in this match and rob Bryan, hence the heel turn which if DONE RIGHT, I’ll be alright with but Sheamus has to be a bad ass! I mean, destroy people and be an unstoppable force for Daniel Bryan to overcome. I don’t think R Truth stands a chance, Luke Harper will have some nice spots…As will Ziggler as he is the showoff! Dean Ambrose will come close but I think a spot will happen that rules him out for the remainder of the match, a fall from a ladder or he’s driven through one but for some reason , I see Ambrose taking this spot…but being the star he is, fighting his way back, only for it to be too late. Sorry BNB but I highly doubt your retaining your belt this year…Stardust..well he’s there….still not facing Goldust at Wrestlemania…

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Here we go, Rusev vs John Cena 2, the epic fight for the U.S Championship that at first, I didn’t have any hopes that it will be a good match worthy of the grandest stage but after the last few shows, I have decided that I was wrong about it. It looks like it will be really good and an enjoyable one! but who should win, I would say Rusev as he is the young dog who has years ahead of him in his career whereas Cena could be coming towards the beginning of the end of his full time career, part time perhaps? Rusev should win but I see Cena picking up the victory and the U.S Championship in a dramatic fashion. I’ll guess 2 Attitude Adjustments and a victory via Rusev Passing out in the STF

Winner: John Cena


Do you remember New Revolution 2006 when Edge faced Ric Flair? what happened, Edge got disqualified and later on after Cena had won a hard fought Elimination Chamber Match, Edge cashed in his MITB and won the WWE Championship. Perhaps this will once again be played out at Wrestlemania, so I think Randy Orton will pick up the win by DQ but Orton will be about to close in on the win before likely J and J Security assault him, letting Rollins escape…but it shan’t be the only time he gets a chance at Rollins

Winner: Randy Orton via DQ


On paper, it doesn’t look like a strong match but they have to include the Divas in some way so here we are, the..Bella Twins vs the 2 best Divas in WWE, on paper it should be obvious who wins, right? WRONG?! this is WWE and with the Divas…not a lot ever makes sense anymore, I mean what happened to the Bella feud, it just…went dead without a single reason and now Nikki who was always jealous of Brie is jealous and Brie always helps her retain the championship. Recently WWE teased tension between A.J and Paige but I strongly think Paige and A.J will pick up the win at Wrestlemania…what that means for the Divas Championship afterwards, I don’t know but if this match can be somewhat good…then maybe theres a slim hope that the Divas Division can be salvaged…even with the Bellas…that was hard for me to write down seriously guys!

Winners: A.J Lee and Paige


After last years defeat to Brock Lesnar, I can imagine the Deadman wanting to put a hurting on someone and that someone is called Bray Wyatt who doesn’t appear to truly understand what he has gotten himself into. I expect a hard fought, even contest that will be very close, expect plenty of kick outs from finishers, Bray will kick out of a tombstone and Undertaker will kick out of a couple of Sister Abigails! I’m not sure if I want to believe that Taker will lose 2 in a row after spending so many years believing that the Streak was impossible to beat or whether age has caught up with even undertaker and WWE has thought it’s simply easier to have Undertaker put over Bray Wyatt before one last match with Sting next year, who knows but regardless of the result, this will be my match of the night because it’s the only one where I don’t mind who wins! but it’s a prediction blog so I’ll narrowly go for The Undertaker to win via a Tombstone

Winner: The Undertaker


Sting for the win, easily….I can’t imagine WWE bringing back Sting…just for one match where he loses, is that really what fans have waited so many years for….to see Sting lose then disappear? I hope he wins, I never watched WCW so have never seen Sting wrestle before and to be honest, I don’t see where a Triple H win would go….what would he do next…brag about it? Whereas a Sting win makes sense and can lead to a match with The Undertaker I think so I hope that via a Scorpion Death Drop, Sting wins

Winner: Sting


Oh boy…this match….umm Brock Lesnar winning would be good because it would keep the majority of fans happy and bad because Lesnar will likely only appear a few times over the next year…A Roman Reigns win would be good because the WWE Championship would appear weekly again and bad because…let’s face a lot of fans don’t want to see it, DO YOU? it could be a really good match, maybe we will all be surprised and if Reigns damn well works for it! let’s face it, he’ll kick out of an F5 or 2 as Lesnar will power out of many Spears! then maybe, just maybe I’ll be somewhat less disspointed about it but none the less, I….you know what…Roman Reigns will win but it won’t be by himself…Paul Heyman to betray Brock Lesnar and side with Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns

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