A question often pops up whenever this human says anything half intelligent which to be fair, is very rare…she really thinks she’s being clever, you can see it on her smug little grin that she is always right and her opinion is..popular…well whatever she’s taking, can I have some? must be some good stuff to make you believe that people actually care about what you say ever, like when you abuse and insult certain types of people…you know, like a bully does, only if this case, a bully would actually succeed in winding up there victim, you Mrs Hopkins just are nothing more than an attention seeker…nothing more, nothing less but it’s not like you’ll ever listen to anyone who tells you this, their beneath you right?

I watched Celebrity Big Brother, every episode in fact and despite that idiot Perez being in, I didn’t buy the whole…I’m a nice girl really act by you…I’m no fan of Katie Price but was happy that she won the show, even if she did little to nothing the entire program and talked about her ex’s the entire time…still beats you trying to turn the household against anyone that you didn’t like. From the moment you entered to  a chorus of boos but you clearly had invisible head phones in and when you left as well…weird!

Do you care? clearly not, you thrive of people despising you, how you criticize people for how they name their children, how they eat and such…must be nice to be you…I mean you clearly look like mother of the year…what’s your secret? you see, I don’t want to sink to your level and insult someone for no reason, you see Katie…being an adult….means you don’t act like a little child…soon enough your children will be more mature than you and you’ll be the child of your family…if you continue to insult people for no reason. So you proved that losing weight isn’t so difficult? So what?! do you want a medal or have you never been to a HMV..plenty of celebrity exercise DVDS in there for a cheap price…when’s yours coming out?

I don’t hate you Katie, your a human being just like the rest of us after all, you have your opinion and thats fine but I bet I could easily find someone who could find a few choice words to say about you in about five seconds online or if I just walk down my street, BTW I live in the North! you know, that place you don’t like, it’s just an annoyance when you watch the news or read a newspaper, expecting NEWS, only to find you quoting or insulting a certain type of person or the North for…whatever reason you can think up in your tiny little head, whatever, as long as you line up your pocket right? you’ll say anything! If your going to write for the Sun…say something at least half intelligent! your column puts me to sleep but it’s great for toilet paper when I run out!

By the way, that seagull you pointlessly kicked off the pier has challenged you to a fight, only he’s brought a few friends with him, shame really, he was about to fly to his nearest DVD store and buy your DVD as well, you just lost a customer there!


BTW, we all know if Labour was put back into Number 10 that you wouldn’t leave Britain…let’s face it, where else would take you? America, Canada…if we offered a trade deal with you for Piers Morgan, the Americans would keep Morgan! I guess what I am trying to ask you is…why? what purpose does insulting a nation and it’s people do for you? make you famous? is that really the way you’d want to be famous?? must have been a fun day at school when you decided that this was the future that you wanted!

It’s easy to be a bully and hard to be nice, that is clearly true with you! shame really, you could make such a difference if you were a little nicer and more helpful to the public…telling it like it is, that is not what you are doing…I don’t care what you say…your just bullying certain groups…you are a bully…an attention seeking bully and you just don’t care…what kind of example is that? I’m sure you can easily explain to your family what it is that you do…whatever that is.

Apparently you can’t be fat and happy yet you can be a cow, have the whole country burn effigies of you on Bonfire Night and people wanting you dead and be happy….I think I’d rather be fight if I had to choose. Creating a generation of people who hate themselves is just stupid…really stupid…people can be fat Katie…get over it! some people can’t help being fat like you can’t help looking like a Horse! oh well, at least we know why your skinny because you like carrots! there I just insulted you, do I fell happy about that, no! I don’t want to have to stoop to your level and try to make you feel bad or anything, I’M NOT TEN! I’m a mature adult that has a few friends that may be a bit overweight but so what, their happy and that’s all that matters to me. I apologize for insulting you Mrs Hopkins….not that you’ll care.

Anyway, I won’t lose my cool over you, I want take anything you say seriously and I’d rather take advice on how to handle just about anything from Jeremy Clarkson than you, no contest! Life is hard Katie, I get that but saying that certain conditions are excuses is just stupid, would you call someone in a wheel chair lazy?? No, of course you wouldn’t! Please don’t try to pretend that your a medical expert because clearly, you don’t know the first thing about Human Beings and no…using the internet to look it up doesn’t count!

BTW I have Aspergers Syndrome and sometimes struggle to talk to people but I must be making that up right? I’m just being lazy by not making a lot of friends during school because clearly, I can’t be bothered! Do I care that I just told the world that…NO! I’m proud because Aspergers doesn’t define who I am as a person, I define who I am as a person, I’m happily engaged and have good friends, I couldn’t be happier! I know a girl with Bi Polar! is she just pretending to get really angry from time to time and threaten to kill herself to get some attention?! Their are real conditions that affect people’s daily lives and they struggle to cope yet get insulted and slandered for it, like their pretending to have conditions for sympathy! if anything, you should focus on people that can’t be bothered to get a job and live off benefits but not the ones that don’t have a choice for what ever reason like a life changing injury, I mean the ones that don’t even try even though they are capable! and I’ve heard every taunt in the book so yeah, nothing you could say will ever make me bat an eye lid if you suddenly insulted people with Autism…I’ll smile a little because you’ll have tried to…as vain as it would be because how dare someone have a mental condition, right Mrs Hopkins? I even read today that you insulted people with Depression?! what, did someone who was depressed look at you the wrong way, so you went onto Twitter with a giggle and a laugh, thinking….this is going to annoy so many people, that will make my day!

I try really hard to give everyone a chance, I’ll be nice to everyone, even you because that’a who I am and you’ll be insulting and false because that’s who you are. You won’t change…I don’t think you can. Your honest, well can I be honest…maybe try and help people overcome problems a different way, none of this stupid crap you come out with, I’m honest bla bla bla change the record already! your so boring and your insults will one day become boring and pointless, people will just shrug them off and you’ll go back to the little dark corner that you came from…being like everyone else in this society, shrug all you want, be smug and laugh it off but time waits for no one and all the future will say off you is you were the Queen of Attention Seekers, an example to not follow if you want to be slandered and mocked through time.


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