It’s Wrestlemania 31! that event that we’ve all been looking forward too so much, live from the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California


  • Lana is back and it looks like she’ll appear with Rusev later on.
  • Kane prevents an interview with Triple H (NO MASK!)
  • J and J backstage bump into Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson who still work for Mr McMahon

Kick Off


Match One


A nice little opener that was a lot of fun with some great moves performed by all. A pin by a Matadores could have fooled you to thinking they had just won the Tag Team Champions, thankfully it wasn’t a legal pin…phew! after a great finish, Ceasro and Kidd are able to retain their championships, not bad because the best team won!

Winner: Tyson Kidd/ Cesaro

Rating- 6/10 

Match 2

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal


A nice moment for Big Show really, it makes sense that he should win the trophy so I can’t be mad about it. It was a decent Battle Royal and we all got to see the Mizdow turn that we all prayed for….someone needed to shut the Miz up! and he made it to the last two after other favorites Kane, Ryback, Cesaro and for the fans Hideo Itami but Mizdow was unable to lift the Giant over the top rope, despite all of the biting and Show was rightfully given the trophy, likely as a way to say thank you for years of service and loyalty. Where Big Show goes from here, who knows?

Winner: Big Show

Match Rating: 6/10

Match 3

We are now into Wrestlemania Live! a decent kickoff show although not too sure how a memorial to Andre The Giant was in the pre show but oh well, WWE Logic! it always feels weird to see a WWE ring in a stadium but it’s one of the things that makes Wrestlemania so special. We kick off the PPV with the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.


I was hoping that we would kick off the show with this match, it takes me back to Wrestlemania a few years back when we would always start with the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and oh boy, this match had many spots that would keep your attention glued to the ring or TV screen. They include Ambrose smashed through a ladder by Harper, each superstar diving off something onto everyone else, Bull hammers everywhere! and Ziggler and Bryan headbutting the heck out of the other! it was a lot of fun to watch! Even R Truth was great to watch!

Stardust Flies!
Ambrose is slammed through a ladder by Harper!
Harper was great in this match


Winner: Daniel Bryan

Match Rating- 10/10!

An amazing opener that should be one of the contenders for Match of the Year as we start off this years Wrestlemania with the way we ended the last one, Daniel Bryan winning gold! yes Yes Yes Yes! I loved this match from start to finish and with a new IC Champion, we should probably expect a returning Sheamus, BNB or Dolph Ziggler to challenge Bryan over the course of this Summer so it should be interesting to see how much attention this championship will get now.

Match 4

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Watch this match, WATCH IT! you won’t regret it, if anything, just for the ending. These two stars have such great chemistry when they wrestle! shame that the mall cops were out there, i’d have preferred it if it was just Rollins and Orton. In this match, we see a sick double DDT to the mall cops onto the floor from the ring! this is followed up by an amazing suicide dive by Seth Rollins to Orton. A reversal of rollins Curb Stomp into a power slam looked beautiful which was matched later by Rollins and a moonsault onto Orton on the outside but you see Rollins slam his back into the announce table (ouch!)

Orton hits an RKO but only gets a 2. The Mall Cops then both get RKO’S, allowing Rollins to hit a Curb Stomp but he only gets a 2 as well. Watch the video below and you will see the end of this amazing match, a reversal that defines beauty and the majesty of wrestling.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rating: 10/10! Wow, just wow WWE, two awesome matches in a row, this one was just fantastic! Orton looked amazing and Seth Rollins showed that he will truly be the future of WWE, he never disappoints in a match and can hit moves that make a fan’s jaw drop every match. I’d say that this was a Wrestlemania classic for sure. This is Orton’s first singles match at Wrestlemania since he lost to Kane (WITH THE MASK ON!) at Wrestlemania 28 and his first win at Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 27. Well done WWE, this is the most you’ve made me smile in a long time.

Match 5

Triple H vs Sting

If you watched this match, the entrances were awesome right? Triple H’s especially! loved the Terminator bits and Arnie! looked as if they had blown up San Francisco. The match started off well, Sting showing that he still had it and HHH looked surprised by this They go back and forth and Triple H hits a running knee that does nothing but knock off some of Sting’s face paint! a cool moment where Sting misses a Stinger splash into the barricade! HHH takes over and dishes out some serious punishment but all of a sudden, the Game is trapped in Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock! but all of a sudden!


DX!! all of a sudden we’ve gone back in time to 1997 and DX attack Sting but he fights them off and a Pedigree attempt as well before he finally gets hit by the Pedigree but HHH only gets a 2 count! and then

THE NWO! WHAT!!! Hogan, Nash and Hall! it’s the Monday Night Wars again! this is the stuff I grew up with, nostalgia right here! Triple H is then able to kick out of the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting quickly gets the Death Lock back in and HHH reaches for his sledgehammer but Hogan removes it! X Pac (bless) takes him out, then Nash takes out X Pac before Billy Gunn takes him out. Meanwhile in the ring


HHH gets his sledgehammer but Scott Hall gives Sting his trusty bat and with this magical bat, he breaks the wooden handle of the sledgehammer but after a quick moment of back and forth action, HHH uses the head of the hammer and whacks the vigilante in the skull and picks up the win!

Winner: Triple H

Rating: 10/10 

I don’t care what people say about Sting losing and what not, it was a great match and a reminder for everyone who grew up watching the Monday Wars between WWE and WCW. NWO and DX fighting, good chemistry between HHH and Sting and finally that handshake which was HHH’s idea which made it even better was like a proper end to the war, HHH had his respect for Sting and vice versa


We then see Daniel Bryan backstage who gets congratulated by Pat Patterson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, Ric Flair and Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart which made the belt feel important again, we shall see if it stays that way over the next few months.

Match 6

Divas Tag Team Match

A.J Lee/ Paige vs The Bella Twins

It was a good start by the Bellas who kept A.J out of the match for the majority of it as they worked on Paige who was able to just kick out of Nikki Bella’s finisher during this. Paige is able to tag in A.J who takes it to the Bellas and there was a good moment where Paige slams Brie into the steel steps! A.J Lee forces The Divas Champion to tap out to the Black Widow.

Winner: A.J Lee/Paige 

Rating: 7/10

Half decent and better than any Divas Match in the last year, defied what I was expecting and I really enjoyed this match so well done ladies, you showed that Divas do deserve a chance.

Match 7

John Cena vs Rusev

  • Rusev arrives in a Tank- ENOUGH SAID!
  • Lana is back
  • Cena’s entrance was good as well
  • John Cena is still booed, even when he’s defending America against Russia?! guess he’ll never have everyone cheering for him

Rusev can pull off some really good moves for someone his size, he really does have a future in WWE, Cena…does what her normally does and the commentators just adore it from start to finish. good back and forth before Rusev locks in the Accolade but Cena is able to power out eventually and even locks in the STF but again, Rusev escapes. A moment of awkwardness occurs when Rusev runs into Lana who was on the apron, allowing Cena to give Rusev an Attitude Adjustment and the win to not only end Rusev’s undefeated streak but to give John Cena the U.S Championship.


  • Steph speaks a big game but cries like a baby when Ronda grabs her arm
  • Ronda Rousey slams HHH after The Rock has his way with him, making Sting’s loss even more humiliating if you really think about it

Match 8a

Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker

Zombie Scarecrows everywhere but wow…Bray took forever to get to the ring! be honest with me! didn’t Undertaker look even better then he did last year, his appearance made me think it was 2004! as for the match itself, it was really good…I loved the spider walk followed by Taker sitting up…Wyatt was intimidated by Taker…he had no idea what he had gotten himself into but he put up one hell of a fight! it felt weird, not having to think about the Streak anymore! Wyatt and Taker kick out of the other’s finisher but finally, Undertaker hits a 2nd Tombstone Piledriver and makes it 22-1! Wonder how Heyman will change his opening speech for Lesnar?!

Winner: Undertaker

Match Rating: 9/10 

It’s the Undertaker and Bray Wyatt, do I need to say much more other than it was awesome! 2015 should be a great year for Wyatt, as for Undertaker…I hope that this was not his last match, I want to see him at Wrestlemania 32 against Sting…MAKE IT HAPPEN WWE!


Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar 

What can I say about this match??? Roman Reigns, you earned my respect last night, you took a beating and all you did was smile and come back for more which was awesome! Lesnar hits an F5 almost straight away and the Beast dominates Reigns for the majority of the match, stopping any Reigns come back at every turn. Reigns manages to make Lesnar bleed quite badly

SUPLEX CITY B****!- Lesnar

Lesnar in total hits about Ten suplexes during the match, a sick clothesline to Reigns which needs looking at again and again! 2nd F5 but Reigns kicks out at 2. Reigns continues to laugh at Lesnar and Lesnar gets more vicious, he hits a 3rd F5 but again, Reigns kicks out at 2 1/2. At long last, Reigns fights back and slams Lesnar into the ring post, busting him open even more, followed by 3 Superman Punches and 2 Spears but Lesnar kicks out at 2!

Brock Lesnar hits a 4th F5 but is unable to cover Reigns…then….SETH ROLLINS RUNS OUT! HE CASHES IN HIS MITB Contract, making it a Triple Threat Match!! Rollins attacks Lesnar but the Beast fights back and almost hits an F5 but Reigns Spears him, allowing Rollins to nail a curb stomp on Reigns as he tries to get up  and he covers his former Shield brethren to win The WWE World Heavyweight Championship!


Winner: Seth Rollins!

Match Rating: 10/10

Well, how was that for an ending? I was really unsure whether Rollins would cash in tonight but he did and he did it at the best time and he pinned Reigns, not Lesnar which still makes Lesnar look like a beast and it seems as if Reigns will chase Rollins for the championship now. We should see Lesnar again in a few months, wanting revenge hopefully. Reigns did well tonight, I was impressed and I will not be so cruel about him in future because he showed that he can perform! His time will come!

PPV Rating: 8/10

A great Wrestlemania, the best in the last few years I think. Every match was really good, many we will remember for years to come. The Undertaker was back, NWO VS DX, Amazing Ladder Match, Rusev’s Undefeated Streak came to an end and Seth Rollins finally cashed in his MITB Contract. Was worth staying up all night for, even though I had work in the morning.

Wrestlemania has come and gone…now we go on towards Extreme Rules and the aftermath of this great PPV! I hope you all enjoyed this PPV as much as I did.


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