This is normally the Raw where the audience is meant to be rowdy, outspoken and more vocal than any other time of the year, a tradition that has been about for a few years now, however I don’t think San Jose got the message, then again…the Wrestlemania crowd didn’t seem to either, it was one of the most quietest Wrestlemania’s I can remember…perhaps it’s to do with it being outside, who knows but what I do know is that Seth Rollins is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kick off the show and boy, Lesnar looks pissed off and who can blame the man, he was never pinned and the man that took his championship ran up the ramp about as Speedy Gonzalez would for a piece of cheese! sorry to say but I’m not completely a massive fan of coward Rollins, I know he can wrestle and beat the best so why the need to act like a baby?! WWE Logic?! he can be a great heel and not have to come up with excuses all the time, not every heel needs to do that!

Suplex City Bitch!- Paul Heyman

Get that shirt made WWE! Paul Heyman calls Rollins a coward and tells the fans that tonight, they would see a WWE Championship fight as Lesnar was revoking his rematch clause! Stephanie McMahon then comes out and tells Lesnar that Rollins was on his way back from New York but the match would go ahead later on. Heyman promises that Brock Lesnar would regain his championship and that Rollins would receive a beating for his troubles. Also, he sort of praises Roman Reigns but tells him that he has a ways to go before he’s really main event material.

Intercontinental Championship

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

somehow Ziggler gets a Tittle shot before the former champion does, not a complaint, just an observation. Anyway a really good match as always between these two and BNB is on commentary, complaining how unfair the Ladder Match was and how he wasn’t pinned for his championship. Listen mate, you and Brock have a lot in common tonight, maybe you guys can have a whine session together. Bryan retains after a Running High Knee lays out Ziggler and this match included a mad Headbutting session so it was really fun, even though JBL mistook it for the US Championship match…somehow

Headbutt City Bitch!- TheMattAttack!

Sheamus is back and he has a…questionable new appearance…well hairstyle anyway…my fiance said he looked a bit more like Beaker the Muppet?!


Here we have Beaker, the Muppet

Sheamus, Former World Champion Former Royal Rumble Winner King of the Ring Winner 2 Time United States Champion

Wow, you look stupid, cried the fans as he destroyed Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. Confusing look and a return that turned sour quickly but let’s give it time before we judge Sheamus completely, after all he is a heel again so that’s a positive. His first match back is on Smackdown in a Tag Team Match so let’s just see how it goes down.

Cesaro/Kidd and The Ascension vs New Day and Lucha Dragons

Kallisto makes his Debut!!! Finally and his moveset is beautiful,a breath of fresh air and Cesaro was a perfect opponent for him to start off with.

New Day suck!”- WWE Fans

The ring was full of NXT Stars that had come up through the system, minus Kofi Kingston. It felt great that wrestlers from the lower programme that fans enjoy more than the main event stuff have made it so far…I bet Big E feels like he’s been screwed by how he’s been used right now. All I’m saying right now is that Kallisto has a future in this company and I pray WWE uses him right and doesn’t screw this one up!

Anyway The Lucha Dragon team win via a pinfall by Kallisto. New Day is a failed experiment that had potential when they were acting like heels, fans were interested in it…then some idiot thought it’d be great to have them act positive and always cheerful…fans quickly lost interest and turned against them quickly, even Kofi who has had a good career in WWE, fans think he’s boring now because of this angle. Big E was better when he debuted as a tough body guard for Ziggler and A.J then he went his own way and…went weird. Xavier Woods….go back to NXT and try again because you have never been good since you started, the whole Brodus Clay music thing was a bad idea and you kind of disappeared a bit after that then came back with this…yeah.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship

Felt weird at first that a match likes this wouldn’t be the main event, kind of gave it away that something bad was going to happen and…it did. Rollins acting like a coward says his foot hurts and that he has jet lag…calls off the match which pisses Lesnar off to no end. The Beast grabs Rollins and beats him before attempting an F5 but is prevented by the Mall Cops who Lesnar Destroys before Rollins escapes. The guy looked cocky the entire way out to the ring and he was facing Lesnar…I thought Rollins was meant to be smart, why on earth would you try to anger a guy who could kill you in five seconds? Do you think your mall cops will stop Lesnar, Kane and Big Show? No, Lesnar would eat them all alive and you so your way of going about things got a lot of people hurt. Lesnar, furious flips over the announce table, squashing Booker T and JBL, somehow Micheal Cole escaped but Lesnar grabs him, to the delight of the fans and F5’s him. He then grabs a cameraman and then Stephanie comes out…not when Micheal Cole is being attacked (says a lot) Lesnar ignores her…like we all wish we could and F5’s the cameraman anyway. McMahon suspends Lesnar who says ‘Screw you’ by F5ing the poor guy again…See you at Summerslam Lesnar!

We next have Byron Saxton out as a sole commentator for Stardust vs Damien Mizdow who is still using Miz’s Music, even though he no longer works for him…it’s almost as if WWE is trying to say that stolen Identity is ok…personally, it’s getting old now…your just copying a wrestler that fans despise…a slightly bit better than the actual wrestler, it can only go so far, I mean how long do fans expect this angle be able to go on for? It’s going to end at some point and then what for Damien? Back to Sandow hopefully, it was a good character

In 5 weeks, you’ll forget all about him- Miz

Like I wish I could forget that you ever existed???

Next we have Curtis Axel who wants to move on towards Extreme Rules or whatever he called it but what I’m calling is this change in his character to be dropped by Summerslam, it’ll get stale and the fans will lose interest, they always do in the end. But all of a sudden, we see the debut of Neville, another star from NXT who wipes the floor with Curtis Axel and gets his first win, it’s a night of debuts tonight, good ones as well, finally. Last year, we had Adam Rose….at least we had Paige though.

The US Championship Open Challenge Match now and to everyone’s surprise. it’s not Rusev who accepts the challenge, it’s Dean Ambrose?! awesome, although I’m amazed he can walk after he was slammed through that Ladder but remember, he was up and about the night after his Hell in a Cell match last year so I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised.

A good match between the two…oh and btw Jerry Lawler is now also on commentary behind the table that no one has bothered to set right again. Cena won’t lose the belt after only one day….no way

  • AA but Ambrose kicks out
  • STF but Ambrose reaches bottom rope
  • Ambrose uses the STF on Cena?! but Cena gets out of it eventually, was still really cool
  • Dirty Deeds but Cena kicks out at 2
  • After a back and forth moment, Cena hits another AA and retains his championship

Nice match, really good but where the heck was Rusev??? Byron Saxton promised me RUSEV!!! Ambrose is very talented and Cena can put on a good match, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind seeing them fight again.

Divas Tag Team Match now. These 6 Divas are the best in the WWE right now, minus the ones in NXT. All of the other ones are jokes in my opinion, Keep Eva Marie, Cameron and Summer Rae away from the ring and get Sasha Banks and Charlotte in there already and you have a save Diva Division!

Wow I actually respect The Bellas for what they do…weirdly. They might be annoying but they can wrestle better than most of the Divas on the roster and they have been here for quite some time now…just wish the writers were more clear on them…especially with that story line they had last year. Paige and A.J Lee do what they do as usual, really well. Nikki accidentally hits Brie with her forearm and that allows the faces to pick up the win

Bella blasts Bella!- Jerry Lawler

Winner: A.J Lee, Naomi and Paige via whatever Naomi’s finisher is called

We quickly find out that in the main event, Seth Rollins will team up with Big Show and Kane (WHERES THE MASK?!) Ryback agrees to team with Randy Orton…I wonder who else will????I WONDER…WONDERING WHO IT WILL BE…I HAVE NO CLUE….DO YOU?

Goldust faces…Rusev??? oh so he was here when Cena fought Ambrose??? and no Lana again, have they had a fight??? oh dear, well Rusev squashes Goldust quickly…and Byron Saxton says that Rusev will soon go after John Cena…hmm you got it wrong once already Saxton, HOW DO I KNOW IF I CAN TRUST YOU? seriously though, he does have a rematch clause so I’ll go for Extreme Rules when they have their rematch.

Main Event Time now and Seth Rollins teams with Kane and Big Show….loved how they announced the team….must have made Kane feel so insignificant with Rollins as champion and Big Show with the Andre Trophy…SHOULD HAVE WORN YOUR MASK!! Orton and Ryback come out and it looks like a handicap match but…WAIT….IS THAT A BIRD, IS IT A PLANE…NO…IT’S SUPER REIGNS……I DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING AT ALL…..DAMN WWE, YOU SURE ARE GOOD AT THE SHOCKERS AREN’T YOU?

What, I’m looking at my Trophy!- Big Show

A decent match with Ryback hitting a sick Shellshock on Big Show, made it look so easy. Reigns does what he normally does, Superman Punch and a Spear to pin Kane for the win… not much else to say about this match, not a lot of time was made for it, nothing that no one hasn’t seen recently really, Reigns looks unstoppable and Rollins looks scared all the time when he doesn’t have the edge and too cocky when he does…Rollins runs away and looks back frightened…I wonder what the Main Event of Extreme Rules will be??????

Overall Rating: 8/10

This is mostly down to two things…Ambrose vs John Cena and Brock Lesnar destroying everything and everyone is what made me give an 8 on this episode…the rest of the show was quite confusing… it left me asking questions like…why Sheamus’s sudden haircut?

  • Why didn’t Rusev fight Cena?
  • Why couldn’t Renee Young come on Commentary instead of the Smackdown Announcers?
  • Why was it so easy for Reigns to beat up Kane and Big Show only a day after getting beat up by Brock Lesnar?
  • Why isn’t there a Suplex City shirt yet?
  • Why did Booker T and JBL look like they were having naps?


  • Why do we need to have Stephanie scream so much, it’s not scary at all, it’s just bad acting really!
  • Why did Dolph Ziggler get a championship match before the former champion?
  • Why hasn’t Ryback at least held a mid card championship yet?
  • Why do New Day exist?
  • Why is Cena portrayed as America’s defender when all the American fans boo him?
  • Still no conclusion to Stardust vs Goldust or The Bellas Rivalry….its as if the Creative Writers don’t know about the Internet
  • Why is Curtis Axel still doing Axelmania now that Wrestlemania is done?
  • Why doesn’t Mizdow have his own theme song?

Anyway it was a good show…just a very confusing one.

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