I look at the world through innocent eyes and all I see is corruption and evil, what have we done to it?

We wipe out animals without a care, we make it look like we care but more are still exterminated by man every year. We pollute seas, sky destroy forests and melt the Ice Caps yet deny that theres anything wrong, one day we will point fingers and avoid blame when the planet is in serious trouble…that’s what Humans do…point fingers. If a human kills an animal, it’s alright but if an animal does the same, it’s destroyed, is that really fair? when did we decide that a set of rules only benefits one side.

Disease kills so many of us, its a cruel mistress that claims the best of us, we can come up with a bomb to wipe out an entire city in a couple of years but a cure for cancer is too much to ask in that time…benefiting life’s is harder to do than wiping out lives, shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Why have we destroyed her many resources for our own greed? we damage the atmosphere and threaten the planet’s existence as well, will it still be here in the future or will we wipe the planet out as well? All we seem to know what to do is destroy…survival of the fittest right, are we really any better then the monsters of the past? what kind of device will we create next? a bomb to wipe out all life in the Universe?? I fear what we are capable sometimes, we make robots yet predict the revolution of machine in film and TV, are we tempting fate with our own stupidity? Would we live to regret building robots are is it all really fantasy? For our sake’s, I hope it’s the latter.

And what about war, if somethings different then the old motto was to wipe them out, ask the Natives all about it! Incas as well, I’m sure they’ll agree. It doesn’t matter if people or animals already are their, you’ll still be invaded and destroyed…because that’s how things work in the Human World, the survival of the fittest, what happened to peace? solving issues without murder and with words instead? We kill ourselves in pointless wars and for what cause is war anyway? to see who can be number one on this rock, I thought humans were meant to be the most intelligent species on Earth?! so why wipe populations out every now and then? why can’t get we along as a species, we are all the same after all, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, you are human first?! the afterlife is after your life is over, not while your alive. We all started life in the same land, yet we can’t seem to do the same anymore, we threaten others with the use of weapons that could kill us all in seconds! maybe, just maybe their is other life out in space…they probably just think we’re too stupid to bother with, maybe we deserve to always be alone?

Colour, size, appearance and language create barriers, why is this so? in the end, we all bleed and we all feel the same feelings so why are we so different? So many countries around the globe have suffering citizens that won’t have a bed to sleep in this night or food to settle their growling stomachs, not even clean water to drink, yet so many tonight will also waste food and water and have warm beds to sleep in, why don’t we all at least have these essentials, corruption? it’s wrong that so many constantly suffer, shouldn’t they get a fair shot at life like the rest of us? education and the chance to live their dreams should be available to all, not the most powerful and fortunate.

Since man first took breath, it has always tried to invent and make life better for all and sure, many inventions have done this and have been amazing yet now, we have come to a stage where we invent so we don’t have to do anything anymore…online shopping so you don’t have to go to the supermarket, cards to purchase items so you don’t carry money about anymore, robots to do chores for you! Game consoles and virtual reality…what about actual reality, there’s a whole world to see out there! enjoy it and see all that this planet has to offer! don’t stay inside all day, go outside and breathe it all in! Technology makes Humans lazier, online shopping and phone apps make life easier for us but at what cost? Children are getting fatter and they don’t venture outdoors as much anymore, I never saw obese children when I was that age yet now I see them everyday and their teeth are rotten, falling out from too many sweets…have they ever climbed a tree or slept in a tent? or  do they prefer to play on their phones or I Pads, what kind of childhood is that? Have we gone soft as Humans? one day we won’t even go outside anymore, is it only then that Nature will be safe from us?

Who decided that we had control over all on this Earth, did the animals agree to it? They live here to yet we ride them, keep them as pets and even eat them. Are Humans gods in the eyes of other species?? if they hurt us, it’s a crime worthy of death yet we kill them on a daily basis worldwide and no one bats an eyelid…survival of the fittest right, yet if any other species tried to wipe us out…we’d wipe them all out and it’d be justified. certain rules only benefit one kind of species, we all started equally but we stormed ahead and might be the only reason we wipe our species out as well, who knows. what will we do when there’s nothing left, when we’ve used all that this rock has to offer…no more water, wood, grass or animals…I wonder yet fear that possibility. Humans can be clever and not have to wipe out the planet, they have done in the past so why not now?

One day..all of this…all that we can see and do, may just be…blank

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