”You Will Never Walk Alone!”- Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC, a club truly entwined in the history of The Football World, their achievements are among the greatest of all time and are extremely well known throughout the world  but many now speculate that Liverpool’s fame is…all in the past, a mere afterthought compared to how they are in today’s world, a squad far removed from what they once had and it may be time to start asking the question.

‘Are Liverpool still a superpower in Football?’

It’s a fair question to ask, after all, when was it the last time that Liverpool achieved anything worthwhile in football, 2006? 2005? A decade ago really, I’d say 2012 but was that really anything to cheer about? You will never walk alone will forever remain in the hearts of fans for it’s empowering words that inspire all but does it inspire Liverpool today

I read today that Raheem Sterling should be honored to play for a ‘superpower‘ like Liverpool and that he couldn’t do any better…really? so missing out on Champions League Football is the best Sterling can do? In today’s Game, Manchester City and Chelsea and perhaps Manchester United are the ‘Superpowers’ with Arsenal on the border but Liverpool…No. Their fans may delude themselves by saying they are the best team in the world but a team that truly is the best is one that is ‘ALWAYS’ on top, not one that suddenly stops being good one year and never gets back to where they were. Instead of saying ‘are’ they should say ‘were’ because…that’s the truth that they are afraid of…Raheem Sterling can do better, of course he can…Suarez left because he could do better…he went to Barcelona and look at how well he’s doing, how many trophies will he win this season compared to what he’d have won if he had stayed at Anfield?

Do Liverpool fans ever wonder the rest of the football world mocks them for their ignorance and pride, they talk like no one is better than Liverpool when you can easily name teams today that are better, not overall throughout history but in TODAY’S WORLD, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich to name a few but these teams are now better than Liverpool, they all always qualify for Champions League Football (minus Manchester United last season but look set to pip Liverpool to that 4th place spot) but in the last Decade, United surpassed Liverpool’s league wins overall and now sit atop the mountain, doesn’t that  make them the best English Team of all time?

When were Liverpool last really successful??? And I mean really successful, not just one trophy every so many years! 2005 when they won the Champions League? albeit a great game, it was still 10 years ago, a whole decade but hey, Arsenal have never won it, right? so surely the Gunners are inferior to them? remember it’s not how many trophies you ONCE won, its performing at the top level constantly and always finishing near the top of the table, year in and year out but do Liverpool have a golden Premier League Trophy for being unbeaten all season? or a Premier League Trophy at all for that matter? The past is the past but if your still not almost always winning your league or at least coming 2nd or winning the FA Cup every few years then your not a superpower, not in this day and age! maybe in the 80’s but it’s 2015, not 1985! I mean Nottingham Forest have more Champions League trophies than Chelsea, Man City or Arsenal, would you say that they are better than them today?

Liverpool were ‘once’ the greatest team in British Football but don’t Manchester United have more League Trophies now ?? So doesn’t that make Man U the best, Liverpool haven’t won the league in a very long time and have never won the Premier League since it was started in 1992 whereas Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, Man City and Man United have, how can a team that haven’t performed like a ‘superpower’ really call themselves a superpower anymore, they were one a long time ago but those days are now over, gone, in the past, something that they will never forget or acknowledge, as far as they are aware, no one is better then Liverpool, even if in the next 100 years, Arsenal won the league 15 times and Manchester City dominate the Champions League, Liverpool will still say that they are better, even if they don’t make the Top 4 in that time, if they ever got relegated, they would still say they are number 1, it hurts the mind to think how they can delude themselves THAT much that they could never say ‘Ok, maybe we aren’t a superpower anymore!’ We all know it and we go about our daily lives knowing that fact

But who knows, You might win the FA Cup this season??

However, if Liverpool got back on a roll then yes, they could be a ‘Superpower’ again, of course they could, they just aren’t at this very moment, always get Top 4 and win a couple of trophies then yes but the way they are now, no. No amount of delusion could turn that around. Win the Premier League then we can talk. Until then, maybe Blackburn can let you borrow theirs! I’m joking, don’t get me wrong, I do respect Liverpool FC and I am an Arsenal Fan and I don’t think my teams a ‘Superpower’ either! I mean we’ve never won the Champions League or won as many trophies as you have but we have been more consistant with top 4 finishes than you in recent memory and have actually won the Premier League and are defending F.A Cup holders, see you at Wembley!

One more thing, in a sense for aspiration and inspiring fans, they are a ‘Superpower’ in that, millions of fans worldwide watch them play and turn out in their thousands when they travel the world, that is something to brag about. Liverpool ,you do a great service to the world of football…you just might be talking a bigger game than your actually playing as of right now, be proud of your history…but also consider the future.

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