No Copyright Infringement Intended here,all songs belong to Disney

Let’s face it, in many Disney Movies you watch, The Bad Person has the best song out of them all and here are a few examples of great songs that made it difficult to hate the Villain in these Movies. These are 4 examples of Disney Songs that go beyond expectations when you first watched each movie, they made you re think how you saw the bad guys and maybe, just maybe you felt a little bad when they met their makers.

1) Claude Frollo- A bad guy beyond doubt, he murdered someone within the first few minutes of the movie and was about to drown a baby (you sure it’s a Disney Movie?!) seriously, this guy would kill a baby like it’s nothing…because it’s ugly…harsh and the gypsies were nothing to him, even if her blood spilled on the steps of Notre Dame. Man, this guy has issues…maybe he’s in the wrong profession. At least he can sing.

Come on, that is just awesome, sends a shiver down your spine as you hear the epic Monks chant in the background as Claude Frollo sings about his sinful desires in front of the Fire place, the special effects just make this song as well as the singer, a song that you might not be able to resist listening to again and again. In my opinion it is a very underrated Disney Song from a very evil character that at the end of the day, wanted what he could never have, he hated gypsies yet convinced himself he could change one because…he had fallen in love with one…even though towards the end of the film, he was seconds away from burning her at the stake and if it wasn’t for a weak stone statue, this may have been a bad guy that would have won.

2) Dr Facilier- Now this one comes from Princess and The Frog and is a fun song to listen to, I always struggle to see him as a bad guy, his voice is so smooth and relaxing and it makes this song an awesome one, Friends on the Other Side is the latest good bad guy song that comes up to the same levels of your Scar’s and Ursula’s. a manipulation for his own gains but in such a entertaining way. Just a shame the rest of the movie couldn’t be as good really, a great villain…in the wrong movie. Well you might love it but compared to other Disney Movies, I can’t say it’s really a classic.

3) Scar- Come on, wasn’t it going to be obvious that you’d find this song on this list…it is beyond doubt at the summit of Best Villain Songs not only in Disney but in all media as well. Lion King was huge, the Frozen of the 90’s and it has a different strength to what Frozen has and that is that it has more powerful songs compared to Frozen (let’s be honest) only has one ‘Let it Go’ whereas Lion King has ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ and Hakuna Matata but another one is ‘Be prepared’ where Scar pretty much sums up his evil scheme to murder Mufasa, his brother and his son, the heir Simba so he can take the power and be King of Pride Rock, awesome background singing by Hyenas who appear to be like Nazis marching as they sing, a clear sign of evil but it’s so much fun at the same time because it’s just awesome, do I need any more of a reason then that? It takes a lot to want to kill your own family…doesn’t that make Scar like Richard The Third? murder’s the heir and takes the throne, only to be killed himself in battle after a betrayal by the Hyenas who he trusted? Nice work there Disney and I guess you could even say the song is a take on Shakespeare’s opening speech of Richard III where Richard declares his plans…to take the throne….Shakespeare be damned!

4) Ursula- Here’s is a Villain that has a fantastic song- Poor Unfortunate Souls…just wow. We watch Ursula manipulate Ariel to surrender her voice for her own selfish desires, so she can take over and steal the king’s Trident so she could rule the seas but we later find out that Ursula cheats Ariel so she can have her forever, like your typical Villain really but we all love it really…admit it ha ha how can you hate any of these Villains? awesome songs and characters, that Disney can even make fans love the good and bad characters, quite a contrast as it’s tradition to root for the hero and boo the bad guys! yet in Disney, you sometimes can’t help but love the Baddies a little more! maybe we’d love more bad guys in films if they had a good song up their sleeve…well…not this guy


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