A.J Lee has skipped her way out of the WWE and our hearts”- TheMattAttack

Welcome to another edition of TheMattAttack- Raw and we are at the University of Texas and- Wait! hang on…is Byron Saxton still on commentary? You have Renee Young or heck, even Jerry Lawler that could do a better job but tonight, we have Byron Saxton…I thought Vince was pissed at his terrible job last time…oh well, still beats Michael Cole.

Seth Rollins and the Authority are in the ring…I don’t think WWE knows any other way of starting off a show. Rollins is greeted with boos compared to the cheers he received the week prior when he was cheered like mad for cashing in and stopping Roman Reigns from possibly winning the Championship before his time and I don’t think all of his fans took it so well…

Roman Reigns Fans be damned!

Anyway they pretty much sum up the success of The Authority such as Big Show winning the Battle Royal and Seth Rollins becoming WWE Champion and Kane…Kane…Kane…Kane was there!- Seth Rollins Poor Guy ”PUT THE MASK BACK ON!” I feel sorry for him..say what you will about the guy but hes done so much for the company and people saying he should go away are idiots! have no idea what wrestling is all about and what Kane has given to the WWE, a wrestler who cares about the company more than his own ego! Anyway, Kane declares a triple threat main event between Ryback, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns to decide who will face Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules for the Championship. Seth looked pissed with this decision and Big Show had to hold him back. Not only this but Kane declares that all 3 of those wrestlers will have to do double duty tonight as they will also wrestle in singles competition and Randy Orton would face none other than Kane himself

Randy Orton vs Kane

Pretty decent match that ended after not so long when Kane hit Orton with a steel chair and nearly hit a chokeslam but Orton countered and almost hit an RKO but Kane escaped, ending the segment. From this opener, I see The Authority turning on Kane and this could lead to Kane having the mask back on…personally I think Kane needs One More Title Run, say what you will but he deserves it for everything he’s done….every superstar he’s put over during the years, he’s underrated and a hard worker, devoted to WWE and it’s a darn shame he doesn’t get the recognition from the fans that this man sure damn well does deserve.

After this we discover that Ryback will face Luke Harper and Roman Reigns will take on Big Show, even though Kane was in the ring when these were announced, spooky. Seth Rollins says that The Authority would be better off without Kane but Kane tells Rollins that he has  a match right now…I see a Kane beatdown next week..it’s coming because baby Rollins always gets his way…oh well

Seth Rollins vs Neville 


Great match between Two future stars but after a brief distraction, Seth Rollins nails the Curb Stomp for the win…really wanted to see Neville nail a Red Arrow in this one but oh well, I’m sure the next time these two fight, it’ll be more intense and longer.

Coming up next we have John Cena’s US Open Challenge…Don’t see the point of this really…he’s facing Rusev at Extreme Rules…so it’s obvious that he’s winning this match tonight, I mean you’ve seen the PPV Poster for Extreme Rules, right?


Kind of obvious isn’t it but regardless, Cena faces…

John Cena vs Stardust

Good back and forth match that was so close, Dust nails CrossRhodes for a close two and Cena hits a…Springboard Stunner and an Attitude Adjustment for the win. No sign of Rusev again tonight….not a strong build up for their match is it? still a few weeks though so anything can happen but don’t bet on Cena losing the belt anytime before Extreme Rules so 3 wins for Cena coming up.

I then went for breakfast and saw a Divas Tag Match on as I came back in…Paige/Naomi vs The Bellas…wasn’t worth pausing really..I mean A.J is gone so Paige is my only worth while Diva now..The Bellas are ok….bit stale though…same old every week from them…nothing new and Naomi…her finisher involves her butt…how does that hurt? Anyway Paige/Naomi win…with Naomi’s butt…wait so Paige gets beat up by both Bellas yet Naomi can dominate them…ok WWE, very believable, what did A.J retiring screw up your plans for the Divas??

By the way, GET BYRON OFF THE ANNOUNCE TEAM! he is so boring…better than Micheal Cole but anyone can do that, I’d rather have Renee Young or Jerry Lawler on than these two boring characters…no one cares that Micheal Cole will wear a neck brace when he comes back or that he’s pressing charges against Brock Lesnar! Horrible writing WWE, JBL or Booker T are back and they aren’t pressing charges so why would Micheal Cole?

Ryback vs Luke Harper

Luke Harper is a monster, absolutely a monster…give this man a push, he could be the next Kane (the masked one) from 1998 if written correctly. He dominates Ryback for most of the match but an out of the blue Shellshock ends the match and gives Ryback the win.

Next we see new Day backstage and they are just weird, aren’t they? the strangest faction in WWE that noone could care about…The Divas are better than this group and that’s saying something, considering the state the Divas are in!

The New Day vs Lucha Dragons

Kallisto and Sin Cara are amazing wrestlers, especially Kallisto, a breath of fresh air in the Tag Team Division but it should have been Lucha Dragons coming to Main Shows and New Day going back to NXT! yes, even Kofi! they need so much work because they are so boring and the gimmick is worse that Charlie Haas! and that’s worse than watching paint dry! Anyway The Lucha Dragons pick up the win.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

So now, Reigns is sort of cheered, man the fans need to make up their mind on this guy…they keep going from boos to mild cheers to boos. I actually like the gimmick of Reigns laughing after a beatdown, it really winds up his opponents and could be really good for the future. As usual, Reigns beats Big Show with a spear after 4 Superman Punches, not bad but Reigns still has a ways to go.

Kane backstage and the reject Divas who barely get any attention beg Kane for a chance who senses this immediately but gives them a Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership for the Divas Championship, imagine going home knowing your fighting to win this


Looks so good, right? who wouldn’t want to win a butterfly. Anyway Kane is doing a good job to be fair and before hand…was that Brad Maddox? anyway Kane gets all the Girls, look it up and you’ll see he’s had quite good luck with the Ladies in WWE.

Sheamus now who calls all of us insects and he’s a warrior and that the small heroes the fans like to cheer for shouldn’t be here. Ziggler and Bryan are fan favorites that fans want to be pushed so Sheamus has a point. Anyway, out comes Mark Henry, someone that’s Sheamus’s own size.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

So Sheamus is a bully now? he doesn’t want to fight anyone his own size, I don’t see why as Sheamus brogue kicks him for the win. Wasn’t much of a match and I never thought Mark Henry would win.

”Vikings love to fight!” – Booker T

Booker T…Sheamus is a Celt…not a Viking…totally different but whatever.

Small Bray Wyatt promo, tad confusing though, he’s addressing someone but no idea who it is. Probably someone he’ll lose to in the feud.

Miz vs Mizdow

This is so stupid! Just a stupid feud! Identity Theft is ok…according to WWE. This is going to be a disaster when Mizdow has nowhere to go…go back to Sandow, then this would be a lot better but as Mizdow, it can only go so far before fans get bored of it…sure they cheer now but not as much as they used to. And let’s list what has happened in the last few weeks for Mizdow

  • Quits his job with Miz
  • Does not win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal
  • Loses to the Miz

Yeah…good plan Mizdow! Very smart.

Don’t worry guys, if your life isn’t going anywhere, just dress up as a celebrity and everything will be fine…if you have the mind of a 5 year old. Say what you want but Miz is right in this video…the only championship Mizdow has ever held was because he was with Miz. Before that, he failed to cash in MITB and…not much else to say really so yeah…once the Mizdow gimmick dries up…where will his career go??

Main Event Time

Randy Orton vs Ryback vs Roman Reigns

Pretty decent match but the Authority come out and watch from the entrance way as all Three Men destroy each other and as The Authority attacks and causes confusion amongst the wrestlers, Orton sneaks an RKO on Ryback to pick up the win and the chance to fight Rollins at Extreme Rules for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but he has no time to celebrate as Rollins Curb Stomps him into the canvas to end the show.

Overall- the show felt kind of rushed and the matches weren’t really so long which was a little bit disappointing really. Kane would make a good GM I reckon but I don’t see him in that spot for long so either Kane will be out for a bit or a face turn. Cena will face another opponent and beat them and a Divas Battle Royal as well as Orton and Rollins moment as they further their rivalry

As for the score of this weeks Ra, I’ll give it a 7/10 it was ok but short matches, storylines that didn’t really move along except for Orton/Rollins. Divas are back to their boring matches that don’t really mean anything again. Miz/Mizdow has a small future really that won’t benefit Mizdow for long…unless he does another angle or something and Byron or Micheal Cole on commentary next week….joy.

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