Loyal Frozen fans beware…your sequel could be really bad and I’m here to tell you why that could be

Lion King II


A movie based around Simba, our hero from the first movie and his daughter Kiara who is just as adventurous as her father was but Simba is overprotective and leaves her in the care of Timon and Pumba which is as good as an idiea as leaving a baby in the care of Dumb and Dumber! meanwhile a set of lions that had been banished inbetween movies lead by Zira is plotting revenge in the name of ‘Scar’ who’s son is apparently Scar’s Successor…so…did Scar sleep with a Lioness before being killed and she had a baby offscreen? would have liked a bit more story on that. Anyway bla bla bla Kiara and Kovu fall in love but it’s forbidden by Simba who distrusts Kovu at first due to well…he kind of looks like Scar… his mother even gives him a Scar during the movie! and Scar murdered his father…yeah, welcome to the family Kovu, I totally didn’t have a dream where you kill me or anything?! A fight breaks out between the outsiders and Simbas Lions but Kovu and Kiara stop the fighting

When you think of the first Lion King film, it’s a magical movie that will live through the test of time as one of mankind’s greatest achievements to hit the screen, it’s sequel…not so much and if any of these films I list on this blog can convince you that Frozen 2 isn’t safe from being bad then let Lion King be that example. Not a very good villain, the song she gets is mediocre at best, I mean when you have ‘Be prepared to compete against…no chance’ it wasn’t the best story line and it just seems to have been written to please the Scar fans so he suddenly had a successor who would be good and get the throne…yeah it might not be the best sequel in the world but it’s still better than the third film they did…but we won’t go into that one.

The Little Mermaid II


a sequel that was just bad…I watched it, who was the Villain, the sister to Ursula?? you know the one we had no idea about because Ursula’s family was never mentioned in the first movie, probably for a reason, I mean this character was awful, a bad character to not be taken seriously but that was not the worst part of the movie…that honor goes to Ariel’s bratty daughter Melody, a character that will annoy you, I know she’s like her Mother was in the first movie but we have no singing crab or fat yellow fish to back her up…shes…on dry land and acts like a disobedient child but then again…Ariel shows great parenting skills by constantly….losing track of her daughter….hiding the truth from her daughter because we all know that keeping secrets from you children is always the best thing to do…no consequences in the future or anything…right?? Bad Villain but how can you compete with Ursula??? simple- you can’t and you won’t!

A disappointing sequel that could not live up to the first films expectations but it was still better than the third movie they did for Little Mermaid

Cinderella II: Dreams Do Come True


This film was just boring, I mean what else can you do after the glass slipper is on and you get the princess? I know what you can do…give the audience Three short stories…narrated by Mice! because that’s what you would 10 pounds to watch, right? Just random stuff from here and there that isn’t that interesting…some girl wanting to be with a Baker or something…who wrote this…no wonder it got negative reviews. Let’s move on.

Pocahontas II


The sequel that really annoyed you, mainly because of the romance that no one wanted to happen…admit it, we all wanted Pocahontas to be with John Smith but no, Disney throws a swerve ball in and she gets together with…John Rolfe…because fans clearly asked for a new character to get with Pocahontas…we wanted John Smith..nice move Disney! no wonder your sequel got bad reviews. You even had the Villain from the previous movie but didn’t make a difference really. I like Pocahontas but this film was a let down, still better than many of the other sequels on this list though.

The Return of Jafar


I had high hopes for this one but it just wasn’t a great movie, even Jafar couldn’t save it nor the Genie! it was entertaining but compared it the first movie, it was like a bad dream…maybe you should have just left Jafar in the lamp instead of killing him, either that or written a better movie for him than whatever this was, could have made a nice epside of the TV Series but not a movie…felt like it was rushed somewhat which is a shame really

Overall- all of these movies had great first movies that wowed people with it’s magical characters, story telling and songs making it incredibly hard for it’s sequels to do the same so with this in mind, will Frozen 2 fall into this category or could it be like Toy Story and make a good sequel…only time will tell I guess.

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