What’s the problem with Nintendo at the moment? They seem to just make more and more bad decisions to anger there fan base year in and year out…the latest screw up has to be the Amiibos they released. Not enough of them for everyone that wants them, they don’t print off enough copies for stores and the ones they do have are gone in minutes But in America for wave 4 you can’t preorder the new Amiibos?! Why??? It makes no sense that they would not make enough copies, almost as if they don’t want money or something?! 

Mobile games??? No, just no Nintendo…why is that a good idea??? Make a new console that doesn’t suck!!!! Not. Handheld piece of garbage, Ps4 and Xbox don’t struggle like you do, I wonder why!! 

Not to mention how crap the Wii U is…compared to the Ps4 and Xbox One anyway….Mario Party 10?! Come on Nintendo!!! Is that the best you can really do?  I don’t want to pay more on eBay for an Amiibo?! That’s just stupid people, exploiting people’s will powers isn’t a good thing, just print the product so more people can buy them and you make more money.

Do us all a favour and make the ultimate Pokemon adventure game where u explore all regions and become a Pokemon master but on a console with beautiful graphics, that would put ur sales through the roof!

Or a brand new Zelda game that’s darker and more evil than Majoras Mask….a new Star Fox game perhaps? Your Wii U is basically a Sega Dreamcast….that did well, right?

Come on Nintendo, snap out of it!!!

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