Blasphemous title for a blog, don’t you think…I mean how can anyone hate Ariel from Little Mermaid, the lovely youngest daughter of King Triton who just wants to have fun and collect strange objects from the Human World, talk to seagulls and fall in love with the first human she meets. Hang on, what does that remind you of? Falling in love with someone straight away

Disney Princesses don’t hang about, do they?!

King Triton’s youngest daughter is dissatisfied with life underwater…like all mermaids are, clearly! and is interested in strange human objects that fall into the sea where she collects them and asks a seagull called Scuttle just what they are used for (I bet when Ariel became human, things were quite awkward and weird for Eric) she ignores her Father’s warnings about Humans (Yeah, Ariel ignoring what anyone tells her is a common thing in these movies but whatever Ariel wants, right?) She is like a typical teenager though, not listening to a parent because she knows best, we’ve all been there at one point or another but with Ariel, nothing ever seems to be enough…In the Third Movie, Music is banned by her Father after her Mother risked her life to save a music box and was crushed beneath a Pirate Ship, driven by Humans (Where was Triton’s Trident during all of this?)

                 How does he cope?

Despite this, creatures of the ocean secretly play and sing music behind the Kings back and who would discover this little secret…Ariel and does she keep it a secret like she said she would…No! she immediately tells her sisters who go with her to the hideout and they all enjoy the music, only for them to be caught red handed and Triton destroys the hideout with his Trident before locking up his daughters in the Palace. You’d think that by now, Ariel would have learnt a lesson, even her eldest sister told her that she was out of control

”You just don’t know when to quit!” Attina

But no, Ariel runs away from home because she hasn’t gotten her way and even breaks out Sebastian and his band friends before they leave the kingdom. On their travels, Ariel happens to find the music box that her mother had sacrificed her life for…even though Sebastian somehow knew where it was…so he couldn’t just come and get it himself, sounds like it would have saved a lot of time and trouble? but the Villain of the move tracks them down, a battle ensues, Ariel gets hurt and Triton sees the error of his ways…so wait, only when the child runs away after constantly ignoring your rules and just doing what she wants that a good ending can happen?

Back to the first movie and as Ariel sees Eric for the first time, she falls in love with him…rather quickly and Eric is desperate to hear her singing voice again but he won’t be able to straight away as by now, she’s given that up as part of a deal with the Sea Witch Ursula so she can become Human…a Muted Human but a Human none the less…so in theory she’s run away from home Twice now?? No wonder King Triton’s beard went white so quickly…with Ariel around….how would he ever know where she is? I guess he could always ask Zeus for help…I mean technically Ariel and Hercules are Cousins!

Anyway Ariel almost gets her man but is thwarted by Ursula and when things looked at their bleakest, Triton appears but not even he can save his daughter…unless he has to give up his Trident to Ursula..all because Ariel had to be a rebel and ended up endangering every creature in the Ocean, worldwide…way to go Ariel but as long as you get what you want…screw everyone else! But look at that face


Moving on, after Ursula is stopped, by a human (not so bad, are they Triton?) Ariel turns back to a human and marries Eric, even though they’ve really only known each other for 3 days and Ariel leaves her ocean life and family behind to be a human, that thing that Triton despises, probably because they killed his wife…that looks like Ariel’s double…maybe that’s why he lets her get away with so much…creepy. A naive teenage girl who leaves her old life behind..for pretty much still a stranger….but hey, If Triton had said no, Ariel would of run away anyway…because that’s what she does. Sulks when her way is not had, almost causes the end to her world and even when she becomes a Human…she eventually sort of wants to go back as she misses the ocean which is understandable, oh wait, she has to go back and find her daughter Melody, oh yeah, only the audience is thrown by her daughter…who’s actually more of a baby then Ariel is! seriously, she can complain but then again she has a right to…her Mother…the one who always held a grudge for her Father banning music and making life boring….makes life dull and boring for her daughter Melody. Hypocrite comes to mind here, I wouldn’t go to a Disney Princess for advice on Love…it’d just be ‘marry the first person you see!’


Ariel hides all from Melody like how she was once a Mermaid and the not very good Morgana…a Villain…I guess, not a very good one but enough to scare Ariel to no end…seriously though, what good is a Trident if Triton is always so willing to give it up so easily, it’s meant to be a powerful weapon, right?  so Melody will stay away from the sea, throws away the locket that Triton made for Melody and had a giant wall built to protect the castle from the sea…this feels familiar somehow but Melody disobeys her parents and goes to the sea often to swim and then runs away from home when her Mother won’t let her go back or answer any questions about the Locket that Melody happened to find. Like Mother, like Daughter but It comes full circle as Ariel has grown up and matured albeit a bit naive still and probably still doesn’t know what a fork does.


So, Is Ariel an Angel who can do no wrong, even at the cost of all Ocean Life or is she just a brat who really doesn’t always take into consideration the safety or well being of others to get what she wants.

What do you think?

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