Hi guys, The Daily Pick Me Up Here and today I’m writing a blog regarding the forever going back and forth WWE Universe or as I like to call them…fans. It’s been a strange old start to 2015 so far for WWE, with The worst Royal Rumble Match in history, all down to the WWE Fans going against the choice WWE made for it’s next big star, saying that it just wasn’t Roman Reigns’s time yet, Brock Lesnar deciding to stay with WWE, only to have Seth Rollins cash in his Money In The Bank to become champion all the way to WWE being accused of putting Connor Michalek into the WWE Hall of Fame by EX WWE Announcer Justin Roberts to pander to the world…not sure about that one but he’s entitled to his opinion, right?

But getting to the point here, look at this superstar


Roman Reigns, man who the internet predicted would be WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 31 as early as late last year, around the time he returned at WWE TLC or even before that, people were speculating that this man would be the next Royal Rumble Winner and immediately, people showed their distaste which was clear upon his return which may have been well received, somewhat at WWE TLC went down and went quiet afterwards, I think Sheamus would have got more cheers at that time! The majority of fans wanted Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler to win the match and take on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania but the fateful night came and to everyone’s shock, Daniel Bryan was eliminated quite early by Bray Wyatt and it was then that everyone knew who was going to win


And that’s what happened, I can’t remember more boos for a superstar recently and he was meant to be a big face! however remember last year’s Royal Rumble, the winner wasn’t well received either..Batista but do you remember who it was that Batista last eliminated to win? and just to say, this is a star that the fans were cheering for when it was down to the last two…Roman Reigns, kind of funny how one year later, fans were booing the man out of the building


Now I’m not going to say I’m a massive Roman Reigns fan here, I just find it quite funny how fans have always changed their minds on the man for so long now, do we like him or despise him? moving on and mostly Reigns is booed all the way up to Wrestlemania, well at times he got some mild cheers but it was beyond clear that Reigns wasn’t going to be well received at Wrestlemania if he won the championship off Brock Lesnar and here are some reasons I think why.

  1. Brock Lesnar had ended the Undertakers Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania 30, destroyed John Cena at Summerslam and was written to be invincible
  2. Roman Reigns has always been viewed as the least talented member of the Shield and that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were preferred to have the more championship runs
  3. Reigns was pretty much horrible on the mic, spouting nursery rhymes and pretty much repeating the same lines every week
  4. His move set is pretty much limited, would anyone accept a spear than a pinfall when Brock Lesnar took 3 Attitude Adjustments and got up very quickly!
  5. Cena 2.0

So yeah, it looked like the only way Reigns would ever beat Brock Lesnar was to fantasize the living daylights out of the match because their would be little to no realistic way to do it and convince the audience that it was legit, so what does WWE do? they bring in Reign’s Samoan heritage and remind us all of where he came from, via Paul Heyman mostly but even this fantastic speaker couldn’t completely convince us all that Roman Reigns was a ‘Samoan Badass!’

Wrestlemania arrives and as we all expected, Reigns took a beating, a bad beating as well as the introduction of ‘Suplex City!’ but to our surprise, Reigns just laughed it off and fought back, with superman punch after superman punch than spear after spear before Lesnar hit about the 3rd F5 of the match…than to everyone’s delight, down comes this man


Seth Rollins, the man who had lost to Randy Orton earlier in the night, cashing in his Money In The Bank Contract and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Was this move made to save face at Wrestlemania? or was this always planned? Was Brock Lesnar ever going to retain because they got rid of him very quickly the next night, either they are fast with their booking which could explain an awful lot in the WWE or it’s been in the books for quite some time. Moving on to now, this Smackdown’s spoilers had something pretty interesting in it this week, take a look

Tonight’s match with Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Bad News Barrett has been changed to Bryan, Ziggler and Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus, Barrett and Big Show. It will be the main event. Bryan started off in the ring talking about what happened last Thursday night. He was interrupted by Sheamus and Barrett but Ziggler made the save. Big Show attacks Ziggler and then Reigns makes the save. That sets up the six-man for later.- Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler defeated Big Show, Sheamus and Bad News Barrett. The heel controlled most of the match until Reigns got the big tag. The crowd went nuts after Reigns came in. The babyfaces got the upperhand and cleared the ring. Reigns hit a spear on Barrett for the pin.

It was said that Reigns got the biggest pop but Bryan was very close.- Via LordsofPain.net

Ok first off…what? I mean it’s not a bad thing that the guys getting cheered but how long did it take for fans to cheer him after Wrestlemania? 2 weeks! that’s no time at all! I mean, why couldn’t that have just happened all of this year, it took no time at all for Reigns to get the loudest cheer of the night somewhere, even louder than Daniel Bryan! have the fans changed their mind, yet again! I mean Rollins could have still cashed in but was their any need to boo Reigns if people were going to cheer him straight afterwards, I mean the guy likely was made to give up his chance to be champion because of the fans! Yeah be champion at Summerslam instead of Wrestlemania!

Was it because of how Reigns performed at Wrestlemania that changed their minds? was this cheering a one off? I don’t know but for what it seems to be at the moment, fans are changing their tune with Roman Reigns and see him now as what WWE wanted all along, a face that will be the future of the company but he couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar, that wasn’t allowed but Seth Rollins, that’s ok with us apparently.

WWE Fans can be confusing at times, I hope that next years Royal Rumble isn’t met with a chorus of boos because the fans are ruining a once great PPV because Daniel Bryan isn’t winning the darn thing. Its ok to have a fan favorite but it’s unfair to the other stars in WWE, did the Rock win every Royal Rumble? No but fans didn’t boo out the place because of it! Undertaker won his first in 2007 and Edge in 2010. Just don’t boo a man who the company has placed trust in because it wasn’t your pick! if you don’t like the decisions WWE makes…stop watching! it’s as simple as that.

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