Hi Guys, I’m TheDailyPickMeUp and it’s been quite the week for me over here in the UK. The weather has been surprisingly very warm and sunny so I’ve been making the most of the sunshine as it’s not always about in the British Isles, well compared to many other places in the World.

Easter has come and gone although I still haven’t eaten my Easter Egg yet, I think Emma has though…better make sure she doesn’t try to eat mine either. Half Term as well so supermarkets are beyond full with children shopping with their families, parks are full and crowded…good thing the weather kept nice and warm all week, do other countries have 2 weeks off for Easter or is it just Britain?

One thing I’ve really noticed lately is how much the UK is becoming like America. I went to Burger King this evening and first off, I saw a food item I thought was only available in America, Chicken Fries so yeah, I gave them a try which was worth it although they tasted like mini Chicken Selects from McDonald’s, not bad, I’d give them a 6/10, maybe I should have had some dipping sauce with them.


However, that wasn’t an issue but what was a problem was what I noticed on the reciept….Tax?? I know America and Canada pay Tax in shops and restaurants but I’ve never seen that on a bill from Burger King, KFC or anything like that in Britain before, not to mention the increased number of sweet shops that have American Sweet sections that cost a lot of money! I wouldn’t pay 5 Pounds for Lucky Charms, would you? Taste like rubber filled with sugar!

Being at work has been a challenge recently, I’ve had a lot on my mind and have felt somewhat paranoid about just about everything…about work, my love life, family, everything and it’s been tough…I’m told that I shouldn’t worry but it’s hard to just switch it off, my mind isn’t a tap.

We all have problems and challenges in life, obstacles to overcome but we must not let them bring us down if something goes wrong then learn from the mistake and then ensure it does not happen again. Retail Jobs involve constant contact with the public and there are laws in place that all must abide by, for example Challenge 25 where it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase Cigarettes or Alcohol and it’s also Illegal to sell it to them, or you will be fined up to 5000 pounds and receive a criminal record that will stick by you for the rest of your life. I bring this up as an example because it can be hard sometimes to guess someones age, especially women because of the use of makeup to make them appear older so the best bet would be to always ask for I.D if you are unsure…even at the risk of annoying that customer, the cashier would just be doing their job at the end of the day…remember, IT’S THE LAW! and if customers were so desperate to purchase said Alcohol or Cigarettes then they should have a Passport or Drivers Licence on hand, it’s not that big a deal to have to bring it with you, it saves time and humiliation if the cashier can’t sell you the product!

That’s just one example but their are many jobs out there that have rules and laws to abide by that can get you into trouble if they are broken. We all face these rules on a daily basis and it’s best to not let them get to you, to not worry about making a fatal mistake and costing you your job and the prospects of getting another one. Sorry I went on a bit of a rant there, moving on.

I will soon be going on travels on the Train Tracks across Europe although a schedule of which countries I’ll be visiting isn’t up yet, it should be soon though…I can’t wait to see so many different places and experience true European Culture, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Czech Republic Etc I could go on but you’d be here for a while. Anyone reading this gone across Europe on their travels, any good places to visit? I’d love to get some tips of some travelers.

To finish off, My fiance has been writing blogs on Disney quite a bit recently and it would mean a lot if you would give her page a look as well, particularly if you like Disney.

Click here to check out her Blog Page, especially if you love Disney and follow her. DisneyQueen21- The Little Mermaid II

Like here- Writing with a Creative Mind Facebook Page

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