March 31st 1922, Hinterkaifeck, Germany 


6 of the farms inhabitants are murdered with a Mattock in the farms barn, who committed this crime…well that’s something that is still unknown to this very day, the murderer or murderers were able to leave the crime scene and enter history undetected, they got away with it in other words but one question springs to mind.


The suspicions started when Andreas was inspecting his farm after a brief snowstorm had hit the day previous but he was stunned to find footprints that led from the dark woods near the farm, went all the way to the farm but did not pass it and continue on nor did the footprints lead back to the woods…spine chilling because that only means one thing, someone had walked to thefootprints_in_the_snow_by_fahrmboy farm, likely in the middle of the night or early in the morning and was somewhere on the farm but despite a frantic search everywhere, no one was ever found there. Strange footsteps were heard in the attic by the family but no one was ever found up there whenever it was searched…spooky, truly, this murderer is one heck of a hide and seek player but it does lead to a speculation that whoever this person was, they knew the farm well. A day past and after not finding any more footprints, Andreas discovered a unfamiliar newspaper on his farm that no one recognized, not only that but a set of house keys were missing from his desk, HIS DESK which would mean that the killer moved about the house, what was everyone out that day? and most horrifying of all, someone had tried to get into the tool shed, the evidence of this was that the lock appeared to be slightly damaged. I wonder though, their were workers on this farm, how did no one see anything?

On the day of the 31st of March, a new maid Maria Baumgartner arrived to start her new job, however what should be noted here is that the former maid had quit her job 6 months prior and the reason that she quit was she told Andreas that the house, was haunted. She had heard footsteps amongst other noises from the attic and all over the house that had caused her many sleepless nights but whether this was just paranoia or that she was really onto something, we may never know.


It was very bad timing for the new maid to arrive, some might say one of the worst decisions in history as only a few hours after her arrival, the entire family was slaughtered. One by one, a family member was led to the barn where they were killed by a mattock, a type of axe before the killer entered the house and murdered Josef, the two year old baby and the maid in her bed chamber. What sticks out for me is how the killer or killers were able to lure each family member to the barn…it had to be someone they knew and trusted but still, could they have really led out the family one by one with no one feeling suspicious about what was going on? Did no one hear any screams from the barn?

It seems like it was an uncalled for murder, after all from what is known, the family hadn’t committed any serious offence to anyone, all that their is that could be possibly the only motive is love. Let me explain this one, their were rumors about the area that the Father Andreas Gruber was sleeping with Viktoria Gabriel and that Josef was the offspring of this affair. Now think about it, Viktoria was a widow, meaning that she had previously been in a relationship but there is one problem with this, her former lover Karl Gabriel had died fighting in World War One…but had he? Although many soldiers reported that they had seen him die, his body was never recovered or found but despite this information, it’s still unlikely that a man is able to survive being hit by a shell with his skull partly open and then being able to make it back to the farm, murder everyone and escape? I don’t think so, it just seems fantasized that any human was capable of surviving all of that to murder his wife and child as well as the rest of the family. Not only this but the person that led the family out to their deaths was someone they trusted, I think you’d be quite shocked to see a man you thought was dead for 8 years suddenly make an appearance! this rules him out for me.

However there was one other lover, Lorenz Schlittenbauer. Lorenz was speculated to be the father of Josef but so was Andreas so who knows who was the real Father, there is no surviving baby certificates for Josef and it is said that he wasn’t baptized so we may never know. When questioned by police, Schlittenbauer admitted that he was aware of the incestuous relationship between Andreas and Viktoria and murdering them wouldn’t have served him any purpose…but I don’t buy that, revenge would have been the perfect motive! dejected by his lover for her father could drive any man mad, however their is no physical evidence to back this up so Lorenz was never charged and the case grew cold. A year after the murders, the people of the nearby town burned the farm to the ground and to this day, only a memorial to the family remains.

In conclusion, unless ghosts and spirits are suddenly able to interact with objects in this world, the murderer is likely to be a human, someone in connection with the family as no money was stolen, the family dog seemed to be alright about this person as they stayed in the house for a while after the murders, this is proven because the police saw that the livestock had been fed over the weekend after the family was murdered, food had been eaten and people had reported seeing smoke rise from the chimney, sounds like their was someone but they eventually escaped. This was likely a crime of passion, why else would the baby have been murdered? I can understand the others but was the baby murdered for the way it was brought into the world…after all people assumed that Andreas was the father and Lorenz was a dejected ex, it would be easy to put two and two together and since no money was stolen, it’s unlikely that any travelers had committed the crime. Lorenz seems to be the most likely culprit but this was never proven so the case remains open, but who committed this crime and why? perhaps we will never know.

The victims in this murder were Andreas Gruber (63) and his wife Cäzilia (72); their widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel (35) and her two children, Cäzilia (7) and Josef (2); and the maid Maria Baumgartner (44). May they all rest in piece


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