Hot,cold,hot,cold,hot,cold….British Weather, make up your kind already! Do you want to be hot and sunny or dark and miserable?! I went to work today in my fleece expecting it to be cold due to it being quite windy all weekend and this morning it was a little cold…but the weather dramatically changed and it suddenly got very warm, how anyone knows what to wear when they go out for the day in Britain is beyond me sometimes, hot one minute, freezing cold the next!

It could be worse, I mean in Britain, no Volcanic Eruptions, No massive Earthquakes, No Tsunamis, nothing of that sort…well perhaps an odd flood every couple of years. Just occasional wet, foggy rain and wind as well as some really nice sunny days. Not to Hot, Not to cold…just right really or that’s my opinion. The weather is something that is always talked about it in this country I find. I’m a British person and I don’t drink Tea and I hate Scones although I’m very polite.

Britain at one point pretty much invaded so many countries, it owned a majority of it, something that hasn’t gone down to well with many of those countries, here to explain it is this video.

One thing that I always see on forums and such is what I often read that people have a negative look on Britain for what it’s done in the past, how it isn’t what it used to be and so on. I ignore all of that stuff because this country is my home, it’s where I was born and raised and I intend to be a good representative of it whenever I go abroad. I don’t see the point in bringing up events more than 100 years ago when it was our ancestors quarrels, not ours. Things happen that we cannot change and how many countries on this planet can really say that they’ve never committed something bad that other countries haven’t looked upon favorably?

  • The Falkland Islands for example, both Britain and Argentina claim it but for me, I would let the people of the islands decide who they want to be with, if they had chosen Argentina then I would have respected that decision but they chose Britain and the debate doesn’t really matter to most people in Britain…the place is on the other side of the Atlantic practically. I’ve looked up the leaders of Argentina and it seems using the Falklands as an excuse to distract the Argentina from what’s really important, if it is used as an excuse then it’s for the wrong reasons. If you are from Argentina and your reading this, Their should be no ill will between our people’s over a tiny island and BTW sorry for the whole Top Gear thing, that was embarrassing on our part. Whatever happens to the islands, war should be prevented at all costs! what would it accomplish? Really have a think, would going to war with Britain achieve anything? I just don’t like war anywhere in the world? I’d rather the situation was handled peacefully.

When we go abroad, you don’t go up to a local and mention a horrible event from like 500 yrs ago like I’m British…I wouldn’t go to Normandy and insult the Normans for what happened in 1066 when they took over England. I don’t go to Germany and talk about how they failed to invade Britain, although I think John Cleese could pull it off ‘Don’t mention the war”

It just seems weird to me that the past always seems to be used to decide the future when it comes to politics. Where was this going, I kind of went of track from the British Weather although I think it could have been a main reason Britain decided to go and invade other countries, to get away from the rain…hey the Vikings did it!

Just another Manic Monday, now should I wear a jumper or not tomorrow?

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