You read right, in Africa, there is only one northern white rhino left! Just one, not two, not ten but One! the poor thing is all alone in this world and the same species that wiped it out is now guarding it…no offence but you should have been doing this when you had a few thousand left, NOT JUST ONE! Although their are 2 Females left in Sudan, all attempts to make them mate have failed. Five remain altogether but One male, it doesn’t look good.

In an attempt to keep poachers away from this poor creature, they have removed it’s horn so poachers will have no interest in killing him but if they won’t mate then it’s only a matter of time I’m afraid and it’s a massive shame to lose such a noble creature in this way, poached to extinction…this is a species that had lasted for more than fifty million years! Now this creature has been shamed by having it’s horn removed, even if it does possibly save it’s life…the poor creature must be devastated.

If this male Rhino dies before another is born than all hope is lost for this proud creature and yet another species will have been wiped out by the Human Race for our own selfish gains. Their are many other creatures who are bordering between critically endangered and extinct as well, here, I’ll list just a few for you

  • The Amur Leopard (around 30 left)
  • Cross River Gorilla (Between 200 and 300 left)
  • Black Rhino (Around 5,000)
  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  • Javan Rhino (About 35 left)
  • Leatherback Turtle (WWF says it’s critically endangered)
  • South China Tiger (None left in the wild)
  • Sumatran Elephant (Around 2000)
  • Sumatran Orangutan( just over 7000)

This isn’t the only animal wiped out within the last 5 years, the Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct in 2011, due to poaching, which by the way is the main reason that so many animals are being wiped out, Humans kill them for profit but when will it be enough, when all animals are wiped out? Surely profit can be made without wiping out species!

I will say that I’ve never seen a Cow kill a man, then sell off it’s kidney for huge gain somewhere yet we hunt down creatures worldwide and sell their skins, horns, tusks for profit.

Will a day come when theirs no animals left, except for Man? Then what?

Come on Human Race, before it’s too late.

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