One Man, One Woman….both sore losers when it comes to gaming, facing off in an Ultimate Clash for the ages on one of the toughest race tracks in the History of Racing games. Both of us have never been on this particular one for a long time but remember the frustration of it’s evil corners and lack of walls along the sides. This track was truly created for evil purposes, I mean if you’ve ever played it, you’ll understand


This nightmare, Rainbow Road. My goodness it was a train wreck, we were both terrible but it wasn’t about coming first on the track, it was all about who was the better driver on this track with the loser having to wash and dry up the day’s dishes…winning this one mattered. it just mattered to us both. I finished 3rd and Emma finished dead last, she just gave up towards the end as she kept falling off the track and it was just hilarious….well for me it was. Afterwards, we raced on other tracks and I kept on winning them, well most, Emma got lucky on a couple. I had won the first game, clearly and I would not have to clean dishes this week!

I chose to be Koopa Troopa in that game because who else has the right to throw the shells of his former brothers and sisters at other drivers than this guy.


Emma however went for Princess Peach, surprise there! anyway we were ready for the ultimate battle to determine who was better at Kart Games! that and the winner could relax as the other one washed and dried. Emma was unable to finish higher than me in more than 2 races whereas the other 6, I dominated so victory went to me, however, Emma decided that we would also play a game of Wii Party, winner takes all…since I had won so easily, I agreed, thinking It would be a simple win for me.

Matt 1 Emma 0



Next up, we played Wii Party and I was destroyed on this game by Emma twice, I didn’t stand a chance but it was my fault for putting it on Master settings really, I did have fun but was gobsmacked by how far behind I was in the end of both games, Emma won fair and square but man…I was destroyed by her…and without my knowledge, she had recorded the majority of my reactions to these losses, well almost all of it. I swear that game is rigged!

Matt 1 Emma 2

Result- Girls Win

Just to say, only the batteries came out of the Wii Remote, it still works but I will have my vengeance…somehow. I’ll pull out Smash Bros next week and we’ll see who triumphs this time!

And we both sometimes react like that…that was the first time I’d thrown a controller…Emma has nearly broken the door and bookcases before ha ha I wasn’t seriously angry haha. Now then, excuse me as I go and clean dishes.

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