Oh look, an American going into another country,killing it’s creatures and not giving a care in the world about it? Yet if a Russian, Chinese, British or French person went over to America and butchered a Balding eagle, it’d be a national travesty! just saying….it’s a one way street but not for Americans but humans in general, face it…we kill animals every day, from the fly in your bathroom to the last White Rhino and many don’t care but find an article anywhere online about an animal killing a human and anyone being happy about it, bet you won’t find one. How can anyone be so proud of that! just look at her smiling in every picture, she clearly couldn’t care one bit. You say that it’s the kind thing to do, that it won’t feel any pain….HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? Have you been shot and not felt any pain, are you a Doctor all of a sudden? Trophy Hunters come last in excuse making, no trophies for that! Just admit your all blood thirsty psychos and be done with it. No offence but it’s hard to believe you killed the Giraffe out of kindness when every single picture on your site is you with a dumb smile, humiliating a creature.

I doubt the Giraffe if it had been abandoned by it’s group would go out looking for a human with a loaded gun, begging for it’s life to be taken…what gives a Human the right to make that decision? Animals kill other animals for food…Humans do it for fun or profit, BIG DIFFERENCE Hunting for survival, that’s nature…Hunting for fun….twisted. Do these people just go out, looking for almost dying animals or something, then…take pictures with them, I mean what were they like at school when asked what they wanted to do when they were all grown up/

”What do you want to do when you grow up?”

”When I grow up, I want to shoot a Giraffe then take a picture with it!”

”And it’s off to the counselor’s office with you!”

Someone please try and explain to me why taking that picture was necessary? The Giraffe was dead, haven’t you done enough…nope, you just have to take a picture smiling about it….is that how you lie down….you look stiff. This is why I’m not fond of selfies, some people just go to far.


I get that people hunt animals, it’s happened since the Stone Age and before, that will never change but do you really have to post a picture of yourself lying down next to the poor thing that you’ve just killed and smile about it?! Who can calmly sleep at night knowing they’ve killed so many animals? to me, that just sounds wrong. Does that look like she’s done that animal a favor? she looks delighted and is showing off!

You don’t see me going into an day care center for elderly people with a gun, shoot one of them because they’ll be dead soon and then take a picture of me smiling next to their dead body…THAT’S INSANE AND WRONG and I’d be locked up and labelled insane, so why is killing a Giraffe because it’s old, ok? I would love to hear your excuse you disgusting person! And here I was thinking that Katie Hopkins was a monster, well congratulations Rebecca, you just made her a saint!

“When I was in Africa five years ago I was of the mindset that I would never shoot a giraffe,” she wrote. “I was approached toward the end of my hunt with a unique circumstance. They showed me this beautiful old bull giraffe that was wandering all alone. He had been kicked out of the herd by a younger and stronger bull. He was past his breeding years and very close to death. They asked me if I would preserve this giraffe by providing all the locals with food and other means of survival. He was inevitably going to die soon and he could either be wasted or utilized by the local people. I chose to honor his life by providing others with his uses and I do not regret it for one second. Once he was down there were people waiting to take his meat. They also took his tail to make jewelry, his bones to make other things, and did not waste a single part of him. I am grateful to be a part of something so good.”- Rebecca Francis

Yes people. someone like that is walking the Planet. How is that any different from what a Poacher does?? and how many tribes eat Giraffe? Are you sure you didn’t make up a half made up on the spot stupid lie to cover your tracks…did you feed that lion your forcing to smile to a local tribe as well? Did Humans one day just say

”Right lads, we can kill species, wipe them all out and it’ll be ok but if they kill one of us….we’ll kill that animal!”

When a Dog kills a person, it gets put down…mostly because that’s how it’s been raised by it’s human master but it’s a one way system. BTW I’m not an animal activist in any way or form, I just can’t believe how we actually treats creatures who also live on this planet, have families and such, we just kill them…especially if their old apparently….because it’s kind.

Rebecca Francis…I could be really cruel and say burn in hell when you get there or something, very tempting but a part of me thinks you’ll just smile and not care…you’ll be back out there killing another Giraffe or something soon….why not kill the last Male White Rhino and take a stupid selfie, I mean it’s the only male left…wouldn’t that be kind!! if you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm, stay away from that noble creature


Enough of this, I’ve wasted enough of my time on someone like you…I’m disgusted that people like this can go around, slaughtering animals that can’t plead to humans, just run if they understand what’s going on and gunning them down, with smiles on their faces, just whatever, I’m out of here! She’ll never change, that much is clear.

Answer me this though, what makes this any better than what a Poacher does?

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