Next year, I am going to Japan for the first time ever, not for a simple holiday or as an ogling Anime fan who just wants to roam Akihabara for Cosplay Cafes and maids and what not…nope, this is for my honeymoon! Me and my Fiance have decided to visit Japan for our honeymoon right after our wedding next year, 2016. This is so we can explore the culture, see what Japan is like with it’s sights, food, people and all the in between…although I might buy at least one piece of Anime…what? be a shame to go across the globe and not so…for culture reasons!

As a precaution, I am learning Japanese so you know, you don’t get stuck in a situation that no one around you speaks English and you’ve gotten lost somewhere in Tokyo or Kyoto, I’d rather avoid that scenario. We want to climb up Mount Fuji, see Tokyo, see Kyoto, ride a bullet train, see a traditional Japanese garden, eat plenty of Japanese Food (Does going to Yo! Sushi count as practice?) go to a bath house and Emma…wants to find a dog statue that she looked up…I’m sure we’ll find it.

YO! Sushi Single

The reason for Japan as our Honeymoon destination was because of a conversation we had recently where we talked about having children in the next few years and I said

I want to go to Japan before I become a Father

Thinking it might hold off children for a while as Japan is quite expensive and far away from Britain…but Emma fired back with this response.

We’ll go to Japan for our honeymoon then

She got me there, I couldn’t refuse after that so now we are looking to book a 2 week holiday in the land of the rising sun, one that doesn’t require being in a tour group and I can’t wait for the trip of a lifetime, the most important holiday of my life, I hope the people are friendly. It’s going to be great, I just know it and I’ll be on my best behaviour, I don’t drink and I think I’m pleasant and friendly enough to respect the Japanese Culture and way of life.

One thing that would be amazing would be if someone who reads this and either lives or has been to Japan can offer some tips and advice on what to and what not to do in Japan, that would be greatly appreciated by us both as we want to make the most of our honeymoon.


  1. Hey man, firstly congratulations! I’ll be going to Japan next month for 10 days to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo and I’ll be doing a day by day blog when I come back. It’s a small attempt at doing a travel blog but I think it’ll be really fun for me! If you’d like, you can check my blog out in a month’s time and maybe, if I did a well enough job, I can bring you some of the more interesting places to visit when you go there! As for learning Japanese, my mum had these old notes (they’re so old that the pages are yellowed) with pictures and romaji so I managed to pick up a little here and there. From what I know, broken Japanese is better than English, especially in places like Kyoto. So armed with a few phrases here and some one-word replies there, I hope to go there and take lots of photos with the locals and perhaps make some new friends there!

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